Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Slovenian Youth Hosteling network – best in the world

In the period between January – May 2015 Slovenian hostels are at the peak of world's quality

Hosteling International (HI) Slovenia, as the national representative of the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF), has always strived to reach the highest quality standards and that is why we are extremely proud of winning the first place among the 41 countries that were considered for the price. The success is based on the ten hostels that were evaluated during this time period; these hostels were: Tresor and YH Ljubljana (Bit center) from Ljubljana, Alieti from Izola, Bledec from Bled, Pekarna and Uni from Maribor, Histria from Koper, Proteus from Postojna, Menina from Rečica ob Savinji and finally Hostel Radenci. The average score of the hostels reached the remarkable 93,3%, with points being given in all categories from staff friendliness to comfort, location and cleanliness. Also important is, that none of the mentioned hostels had the average mark under 90% in the year of 2015, which means that even the worst of these hostels reaches the average of the 7th best marked national network in the world.

We are especially proud of taking first place due to votes of the guests, who slept at our hostels and have thus gained higher ratings than Singapore, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Iceland and further 36 evaluated countries. HI Slovenia is aware of the responsibility the Slovenian tourism development strategy 2012-2016 bestows upon us and are always satisfied, when we can show international achievements to boost the recognisability of Slovenia as a destination of excellency. Slovenia cannot compete by drawing larger crowds of tourists, or being drastically cheaper. We can, however, compete with quality and rich offers, which we have proven with this great achievement, which HI Slovenia just demonstrated.

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