Friday, 8 May 2015

What is happening in Hostel Tresor?

Banks are unique and lively places. Said no one ever… Until you visit Hostel Tresor.

Our big story started almost exactly two years ago, in the beginning of spring. Those two years were the best, craziest and the busiest years for all of us. But now is the time to sit down, drink coffee and take some short overview after a lot of work in March, when we had to accomplish our goals during the day and celebrate 2nd anniversary during the night.

Back in time….probably everyone of us never thought how interesting and how lively place a bank can be, with a lot of vivid colors on the walls, funny and thoughtful quotes, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere. To transform well known bank, a big and grey Vienna secession building (totally bank thing, right?) into a Youth Hostel, was a huuuge piece of cake. But we gave a try, because in every boring story you can add vivid colors and make it funny and lively, to read it over and over again.

After a first year we found out how successful our story is going to be, we already had more than 17.000 overnights and that was a big number. With penthouse Tresor, hostel got closer to the Erasmus exchange students and other guests. To stay half of the year or even a whole year in the heart of Ljubljana was exciting for them as well. We also joined campaign ''donate a lunch'', organized Slovenian days, ''Smoothie'' days, had karaoke night, hosted a lot of fairs and even designer's second hand resell shop (2nd Chance).

In March 2015 we renovated our reception, which is now bigger and presents our hostels as modern and unique even more. We opened the hair salon in the basement and soon, very soon, we will have our very own bar there. How cool is that? 

We organized bunch of events and tried to do our best to bring life into a hostel. Hostel also got first Bitcoin machine in Slovenia, where you can also pay with bitcoins for a room if you want. And good news if you are planning to visit Ljubljana in the future, municipality of Ljubljana is renovating famous Slovenska cesta, right next to the hostel, which is going to improve our city as green city. (our city has been named as Green capital 2016!). 

So if your plans for summer, fall, winter or spring include Ljubljana, definitely Tresor is your must visit at least to say hello, get a haircut or maybe drink some coffee  (as soon as we will open the bar) with us. Yours precious comments, reviews, opinions will give us far more enthusiasm to improve our mission and ourselves even more. 

''Money is only a tool, it will take you wherever you want, but it won't replace you as the driver'' Ayn Rand (quote in our hostel among all others quotes).

Till the next overview stay happy and positive.
Jasmina H., hostel Tresor staff

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