Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Why to stay in hostel Debeli rtič?

Youth Health and Summer Resort Debeli rtič, almost 60 years caring for the health of children and youth. It maintained its original placement in the natural environment and has developed into a unique seaside oasis where beautiful nature breathes with Landscape Architecture.

Ideal for all tourists who would like a holiday or a short break by the sea.

1. Quick access, 1 hour drive away from Ljubljana and 20 minutes from Trieste, Italy.
2. Our location is an ideal starting point for various outdoor activities, hiking and cycling hikes (in the proximity there is Parenzana). 
3. There are many opportunities for various sports activities:
     • sports grounds (the new football field with artificial turf 20x40 m, a new playground for beach volleyball, basketball ...)
     • Trim trail, trail for Nordic walking,
     • 25 m heated indoor seawater swimming pool, fitness center and gym,
     • rich entertainment program with an emphasis on movement and healthy lifestyles.
4. Center of health and welfare of curative clinic.
5. Nutrition adapted to different needs.
6. The recognized healing factor - the microclimate.
7. Charity: your stay will help carrying out our humanitarian mission!    


We look forward to your visit.

Information about the vacation:
+386 5 909 7000
+386 5 909 7211

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kranj – the city of reunion

Kranj, being the fourth biggest town in Slovenia, centre of the Gorenjska region and situated only 25 km away from the capital Ljubljana and Bled, has attracted many different people throughout its history because of its extremely picturesque location on a prominence between Kokra and Sava rivers. Kranj was inhabited in the first millennium BC by the Celts. It rose to prominence after the migration of Slovenes in the 7th century when two strategically important fortresses and associated settlement were founded – this is evidenced by the discovery of the largest Old Slavonic cemetery in Slovenia. 

@Photo: Luka Dakskobler;
The medieval layout of the Kranj old town was built in the typical pyramidal form with an emphasis on church steeples, which ranks Kranj among the most carefully considered urban developments in Slovenia and Central Europe. The town houses, wonderfully shaped streets, castles, churches, bridges and houses with richly decorated architectural facades and courtyards adorn the town. 

@Photo: Marjan Jerele; 
Kranj is a town where people trade, socialise, compete, have fun and eat well. From a lively fair centre, it has become the town of big and small names. Among them, the most recognisable is France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet and author of the Slovenian national anthem. Kranj prides itself as the only Slovenian town with tunnels running under the town centre. They were built during the World War II and served as a shelter while today, they are a tourist attraction. 

The town is surrounded by nature, with a magnificent view of the Alps. The Kokra river canyon, one of the deeper canyons in any city centre in Europe, with circular path through it, gives the place a unique hint of intactness. Kranj and its surroundings offer a variety of activities: fishing, biking, hiking, swimming in the Olympic Pool or in the rivers, skiing, cross country skiing etc. Due to its hosting of numerous conventions, Kranj is also known for its restaurants, which still offer an abundance of culinary delights. 

@Photo: B. Kladnik; 
- The Gorenjska Museum and ossuary: Gorenjska Museum is the place to meet like-minded people who are concerned about the preservation of cultural heritage which connects people of different nations and cultures whilst highlighting Slovenia's cultural jewels.
- Prešeren Memorial Museum: open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00, Mondays closed.
- The tunnels under the old town: Regular guided tours: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 and Tuesdays and Fridays at 17:00.
- Layer House: Layer House – the house of artists is the centre of cultural events in Kranj. Socialising, creating, educating – there is something for everyone. Visual arts educational programs take place there as well as many other events (concerts, theatre and film performances). 

- Prešeren Fair: Kranj has been an important trade and fair center since the 15th century. The fairs were widely known and had a good reputation. The tradition continues every year on 8 February, the Slovenian cultural holiday, with the Prešeren Fair, which is one of the most recognised events during the Slovenian cultural holiday. 
- Carniola Festival: Carniola Festival is an international multicultural festival which includes operas, popular concerts, classical music, folklore, children's program and street theatre. 
- Kranfest: Kranfest is a mosaic of many events which takes place in the old town in July, offering music and sport events, theatre and animation program for visitors of all ages.
- Jazz Camp: Kranj Jazz Camp is an educational festival which is held every year in August. It is organised by the world-famous guitarist Primož Grašič. The event consists of workshops and nightly performances by recognised musicians.
- Khiselstein summer theatre: During the summer weekends you can enjoy musical and theatre delights.

@Photo: Bojan Okorn;
Where to stay for a resonable price?
When wandering across Gorenjska region you want to stay in Kranj more than one day, you can get a comfortable and unexpensive accommodation in Hostel Kranj. You are offered two- or three-bedded roms, four-bedded apartment, or just a bed in a dorm. In week days, there is a possibility for breakfast and lunch. You can rest in the shaddow of the trees in front of the hostel, or relax on near basketball playground. The hostel is located in the northern part of the city,  not far from the motorway  exit. Parking is free. Bicyclists are welcome as well.

Youth Hostel Kranj

Information and reservation for the guided tours:
Glavni trg 2, 4000 Kranj
+386 4 238 04 50
+386 4 238 04 51
Mon.-Sat.: 8:00-19:00, Sun. and holidays: 9:00-18:00

Monday, 20 July 2015

Kranjska Gora – enjoy the peace and the greatness of the moment

Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! Experience more than 150 original adventures prepared by tourism workers and the always hospitable villagers of the Upper Sava Valley.

Are you lacking inspiration for summer activities? Don't be afraid. The story goes on and on: first you visit us in winter, and then you return in the summer. Under the warm sun, the whole Upper Sava Valley is the venue of lively summer activities for you and your family!

@Arhiv - LTO Kranjska Gora;
Nature in the Upper Sava Valley represents a beautiful backdrop for exceptional stories. This is why the first Slovenian film ‘Kingdom of the Goldhorn’ (‘V kraljestvu Zlatoroga’) was shot here. The pristine nature of the Julian Alps was given the title of “biosphere” by UNESCO, a place for life, for the body and for the soul. Jump into the depth of yourself ... 

The culture of the Upper Sava Valley is not only museums, churches and monuments. Culture is also the way of life of the locals, which has formed their identity over the centuries. Therefore, listen to the very special village rituals and see some customs.

@Photo: Jože Brudar;
Hostel Barovc in Kranjska Gora is much more than just another lodging place. It is the story of passionate and enthusiastic young people. It is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, which we wish to share with you - our future guest. Barovc rests deep in the embrace of pristine nature. Imbued with joy and friendliness of the staff, coupled with pleasant ambience and endless possibilities, we aim to provide the best experience for everyone.

Festivities in the Upper Sava Valley have always been famous as is the beauty of the local girls. Good music, mighty linden trees, national costumes and home-made dishes: when the people of Kranjska Gora are joyful, they are joyful to the fullest. Also modern events are full of laughter and fun.

@Photo: Matevž Lenarčič

Friday, 17 July 2015

Discover Moravske Toplice and its surroundings

Summer adventure in hostel Murska Sobota with a discovering Moravske Toplice and its surroundings.

Prekmurje is located in the heart of Europe and the head of Slovenia. Murska Sobota, as a regional center, offers also the possibility of accommodation in the Youth Hostel Murska Sobota, which is an excellent base for exploring the tourist attractions of the region. Less than ten kilometres from Murska Sobota you will find Moravske Toplice, the famous tourist resort with springs of thermal mineral water vivaciously bubbling in two spas, Terme 3000 Spa and Terme Vivat Spa. The healing and refreshing effects of the black gold, as we like to describe the healing water, tame even the most restless spirit.

@Photo; Arhiv - Terme Vivat;
Recreational oasis for cyclists and hikers
A diverse flat and hilly landscape of Prekmurje, Goričko, is suitable for cycling, hiking and Nordic walking for recreation enthusiasts and professionals. 11 themed hiking trails, 10 cycling routes, 1 cycling marathon, 10 and more hiking routes and a trim trail await you in Moravske Toplice. 

@Photo: Jost Gantar;
Lovely spots for a ramble - architectural masterpieces and experiencing heritage
Lovers of architectural heritage will discover the Romanesque Rotunda in Selo, the Plečnik church in Bogojina, and the Church St. Martin in Martjanci. If you are enchanted by handcraft, make your own first gingerbread heart - visit producer and seller of mead, Jožica Celec in Ratkovci. You can make your own clay pot in the Pottery village Filovci. Visit the open air museum (Magda’s house in Filovci and Časar’s Mill in Berkovci). Other products with the certificate “Art Craft” and homemade products can be found at the tourist market in Moravske Toplice (products of clay, straw, husk and wicker, and also pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed, Goričko cheese, homemade marmalade, honey, pasta and flour).

@Photo: Jost Gantar;
@Photo: Jost Gantar;
@Photo: Jost Gantar;
Cuisine – interlacing of Prekmurje, Pannonian and contemporary tastes
The harmony of delicious food and quality wine are found at the tourist farms, wine shops and inns in Moravske Toplice and its surroundings. You will remember the taste of Prekmurje cuisine for a long time.

@Photo: Jost Gantar;
@Photo: Jost Gantar;
For events in the municipality Moravske Toplice please visit web page:

Information about the complete tourist offer, accommodation, events and latest offers is available at TIC Moravske Toplice in the centre of Moravske Spa (near the post office). Open all year. Near the Romanesque Rotunda there is also a branch, TIC Selo, offering guided tours inside the Romanesque Rotunda. 

Kranjčeva 3
9226 Moravske Toplice
T: +386 (0)2 538 15 20
M: +386 (0)40 829 870

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Why visit Radol'ca in summer time?

Radovljica is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia. The heart of the old town, the magnificent Linhart Square, is the main visitor attraction. Additionally, the surroundings, which are collectively known as 'Radol'ca – Honestly Sweet', offer countless options for enjoying outdoor activities and discovering the area's history and traditions. Here we list seven magical reasons why you should visit Radol'ca this year:
1. Numerous events 
Numerous events will take place this summer in the Radol'ca area, from concerts in the old town centre to village celebrations, all of which will add to the enjoyment of your visit to Radol'ca from June to September.
2. Hop-On Hop-Off
During July and August the Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus offers visitors, including those without their own transport, the opportunity to experience Radovljica and its surroundings. The bus runs every Tuesday on the route Bled – Radovljica – Kropa, and every Thursday on the route Bled – Radovljica – Begunje – Brezje. It is possible to get on and off the bus at various places along the routes for guided tours and visits to sights of interest.
3. A Wide Range of Sports Activities
The surroundings of Radovljica offer a wide range of possibilities for various outdoor activities. In addition to cycling and hiking, you can set off on a number of guided adventures including trips along the Sava River, exploring a karst cave, doing a parachute jump, or a zip-line descent.
4. Taste Radol'ca
Radovljica and its surroundings have long been known for excellent cuisine. Ten restaurants participate and co-operate in 'Taste Radol'ca'. Their tables are bursting with local ingredients and traditional dishes all year round.
5. Cycling
Choose from a range of flat routes, ideal for family cycling trips, to the more demanding ascents to the panoramic mountain pastures in the Karavanke Range and on the Jelovica Plateau. Embark on a trip and discover the beautiful natural environment, and cultural and historical landmarks in Radol'ca, Bled, Žirovnica and Tržič. All are easily accessible by bike.
6. Hiking Trails
Radol'ca and its surrounds offer plenty of hiking opportunities. Choose from a range of undemanding walks through the fields and forests, or conquer the highest peaks of the Karavanke Range. Situated in the immediate vicinity of Triglav National Park, this location means that the starting points for ascents into the Julian Alps are never far away.
7. The Countryside
Set off to discover the sweet treasures of the Radol'ca countryside. Charming villages, meeting with the past, local restaurants and inns – all this and more awaits. Relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the countryside.
It certainly pays to visit for a number of days. You can stay in the Youth Hostlu Radovljica, located right in the heart of the old town centre.

For more, check our webpage:

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mobile Classroom Moving With You

Learn while you travel, do good and connect.

If you have been bitten by the travel bug you know how it feels to have a constant urge to travel but at the same time asking yourself: How could it be done in a more authentic way?

Travelling has become a way of escaping from reality, but why not shift this idea using reality as a way of shaping ourselves and the world for the better? This is the purpose of ON BOARD, the metaphor of a school bus that uses travelling as an engine to learn.

Learn in a foreign country
ON BOARD creates 30 days learning journeys in a foreign country, you learn while you travel. You meet local mentors that will share their expertise with you through workshops or experiences. You also learn from one another: Every ON BOARDER becomes a student and a teacher - sharing talents and skills with a group of travellers and the communities you visit. In this space the needs of the locals and organizations meet the gifts of the ON BOARDERS to create a positive impact as active observers.

Slovenia in September 2015
Slovenia is their second destination of choice. A group of 18 curios seekers will be travelling around the country for 30 days meeting more than 20 mentors and visiting breath-taking locations. The total experience costs between 2,000 and 2,500 USD - everything included except for the flight ticket. They cover all transportation costs (2 minivans), stay at incredible places (sometimes hostels, guest houses, local farms), always eat delicious food (as organic and local as possible) and create an environment where you learn what interests you and teach what you know.

Why Slovenia? See their video, and you will get the answer.

So, are you ON BOARD?
The team around Marcela and Alexander is waiting for you or your friends to apply and live with them this outstanding experience.

How To Apply
Visit their website and fill in the application form. They will reply within 1-2 days and let you know if you made it to the next step: a personal interview with the ON BOARD team to answer your questions, get to know each other better and talk about mutual expectations for the journey.

Guatemala and more destinations
You can’t make it for Slovenia? Don’t worry, make sure you book your agenda to come with ON BOARD to Guatemala in November this year or sign up for their newsletter to receive program updates and notifications for the 2016 experiences!

Contact ON BOARD
Find more information on their website, and don’t miss their introductory video. If you have any questions, send email to

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Youth Hostel Krško for active an curious

There are many reasons to visit us! In addition to the unique natural resources that enrich active holidays spent with us, you can visit and experience the rich cultural heritage of Posavje region with its surroundings.

@Photo: Marinšek
For fans of cycling and hiking there are many options available, ranging from less demanding paths winding through the valley of the Krško-Brežice field to demanding ascents to the surrounding hills as are the Gorjanci and Bohor. In our hostel we can ensure secure storage of your bike, but we can also arrange you the rental of one.

@Photo: Bucalo V.
Municipality of Krško has a rich history, as there are in its territory intertwined fates and life paths of many historically important personalities. Even today in our municipality there are various buildings, which with their cultural and historical content bear witness to the beauty of the past. These buildings in their heart hide various museums, galleries and other attractions, in most cases they themselves are a historical monument.

@Photo: Jošt Gantar
A varied selection of pubs, restaurants and pizzerias offers you local traditional food but you can also taste modern hints of Mediterranean, Mexican and Italian dishes. Countryside invites you to visit tourist farms that offer local and regional specialties made of products harvested in Posavje region. Wine cellars and wineries offer wine tastings, cellar tours and a wide range of domestic white and red wines.

Our hostel "MC hotel" Youth hostel Krško is located in an urban environment. It is intended for different age and interest groups. It is adapted to the disabled and people with special needs, as it is equipped with access for the disabled and a lift.

Youth Hostel Krško
In the facility there is MC Club with a bar and terrace offering you a wide selection of different drinks and snacks, and free use of the internet. Enjoying pleasant music, you can browse through the daily fresh newspapers. 

With the complete renovation of the Youth Center Krško, in which our hostel is situated, we acquired completely renovated and newly furnished rooms for our own production (music, dance, photography, video ...) and for organization of various trainings and events. It has also acquired a modern conference room, a multimedia studio for audio and video production, music tutorial rooms with basic music equipment, multi-purpose hall with a stage and all the necessary audio equipment and a modern computer room. All of these acquisitions enable the implementation of various events, seminars and training for various associations, businesses and other organizations.

Youth Hostel Krško

Thursday, 2 July 2015

It is time for relaxation!

Are you tired of everyday life? Do you want to get away from the urban hustle and all the obliga-tions? Do you need to relax? Then our agency is the destination for you.

We're located in Tolmin. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and natural attractions, which were created by the rivers – Soča and Tolminka. The two rivers merge into one at Sotočje. Each year Sotočje holds some of the most popular summer festivals in Slovenia – Metal days, Punk Rock Holiday, Overjam festival etc. Each visitor of Tolmin must visit the Tolmin gorges, go hiking to Javorca and of course, attend at least one of the activities offered by our agency - Maya sports tourism.

Maya sports tourism was established in 1998. We have specialized in the organization of complete active holidays. We provide programs like rafting, outsider mini rafting, kayak runs, canyoning, bik-ing, hiking etc.

The most popular activity, asked by foreign and domestic guests is Rafting on the Soča River. For families with small children we provide an easier trip, starting in Kamno. Our guides will also spice up the trip with plenty of games such as beavers, water slides and pirates. The tour ends at our sports and recreational centre Labrca, where you will also find a restaurant in which your youngest ones can play on the children playground, playground for basketball, volleyball, badminton … all while you can relax by a great meal.

For the more thrill seeking guests we recommend rafting. It starts at the beautiful Boka waterfall near Bovec. We meet at our sport-recreation centre Labrca, from where we drive you to the starting point. There our guests change into neoprene suits, jump into rafts together with our experienced guides and enjoy the beautiful rapids offered by Esmerald river.

Other adventure enthusiasts can go canyoning in Pršjak canyon in Dolenja Trebuša. When you come to the foot of the canyon, a walk through the forest to the starting point will warm you up and together with our licensed guides you will fly across smaller water falls into the pools, making your way to your biggest challenge a descent over a 27 – meter waterfall.

We provide all the necessary equipment, professional guides, insurance, transport to the activity sites and a lot of good spirit. Our speciality is organisation of team building programs for larger and smaller companies.

For those, who want to spend a night in Tolmin, there is also the hostel Paradiso located in the centre of Tolmin, only 250 metres away from Maya outdoor centre.


Maya športni turizem, Borut Nikolaš s.p.
Ulica padlih borcev 1
5220 Tolmin
Tel.: +386 (0)51 312 972