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Kranj – the city of reunion

Kranj, being the fourth biggest town in Slovenia, centre of the Gorenjska region and situated only 25 km away from the capital Ljubljana and Bled, has attracted many different people throughout its history because of its extremely picturesque location on a prominence between Kokra and Sava rivers. Kranj was inhabited in the first millennium BC by the Celts. It rose to prominence after the migration of Slovenes in the 7th century when two strategically important fortresses and associated settlement were founded – this is evidenced by the discovery of the largest Old Slavonic cemetery in Slovenia. 

@Photo: Luka Dakskobler; www.tourism-kranj.si
The medieval layout of the Kranj old town was built in the typical pyramidal form with an emphasis on church steeples, which ranks Kranj among the most carefully considered urban developments in Slovenia and Central Europe. The town houses, wonderfully shaped streets, castles, churches, bridges and houses with richly decorated architectural facades and courtyards adorn the town. 

@Photo: Marjan Jerele; www.tourism-kranj.si 
Kranj is a town where people trade, socialise, compete, have fun and eat well. From a lively fair centre, it has become the town of big and small names. Among them, the most recognisable is France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet and author of the Slovenian national anthem. Kranj prides itself as the only Slovenian town with tunnels running under the town centre. They were built during the World War II and served as a shelter while today, they are a tourist attraction. 

The town is surrounded by nature, with a magnificent view of the Alps. The Kokra river canyon, one of the deeper canyons in any city centre in Europe, with circular path through it, gives the place a unique hint of intactness. Kranj and its surroundings offer a variety of activities: fishing, biking, hiking, swimming in the Olympic Pool or in the rivers, skiing, cross country skiing etc. Due to its hosting of numerous conventions, Kranj is also known for its restaurants, which still offer an abundance of culinary delights. 

@Photo: B. Kladnik; www.tourism-kranj.si 
- The Gorenjska Museum and ossuary: Gorenjska Museum is the place to meet like-minded people who are concerned about the preservation of cultural heritage which connects people of different nations and cultures whilst highlighting Slovenia's cultural jewels.
- Prešeren Memorial Museum: open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00, Mondays closed.
- The tunnels under the old town: Regular guided tours: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 and Tuesdays and Fridays at 17:00.
- Layer House: Layer House – the house of artists is the centre of cultural events in Kranj. Socialising, creating, educating – there is something for everyone. Visual arts educational programs take place there as well as many other events (concerts, theatre and film performances). 


- Prešeren Fair: Kranj has been an important trade and fair center since the 15th century. The fairs were widely known and had a good reputation. The tradition continues every year on 8 February, the Slovenian cultural holiday, with the Prešeren Fair, which is one of the most recognised events during the Slovenian cultural holiday. 
- Carniola Festival: Carniola Festival is an international multicultural festival which includes operas, popular concerts, classical music, folklore, children's program and street theatre. 
- Kranfest: Kranfest is a mosaic of many events which takes place in the old town in July, offering music and sport events, theatre and animation program for visitors of all ages.
- Jazz Camp: Kranj Jazz Camp is an educational festival which is held every year in August. It is organised by the world-famous guitarist Primož Grašič. The event consists of workshops and nightly performances by recognised musicians.
- Khiselstein summer theatre: During the summer weekends you can enjoy musical and theatre delights.

@Photo: Bojan Okorn; www.tourism-kranj.si
Where to stay for a resonable price?
When wandering across Gorenjska region you want to stay in Kranj more than one day, you can get a comfortable and unexpensive accommodation in Hostel Kranj. You are offered two- or three-bedded roms, four-bedded apartment, or just a bed in a dorm. In week days, there is a possibility for breakfast and lunch. You can rest in the shaddow of the trees in front of the hostel, or relax on near basketball playground. The hostel is located in the northern part of the city,  not far from the motorway  exit. Parking is free. Bicyclists are welcome as well.

Youth Hostel Kranj

Information and reservation for the guided tours:
Glavni trg 2, 4000 Kranj
+386 4 238 04 50
+386 4 238 04 51
Mon.-Sat.: 8:00-19:00, Sun. and holidays: 9:00-18:00

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