Monday, 20 July 2015

Kranjska Gora – enjoy the peace and the greatness of the moment

Discover the treasure trove of the Upper Sava Valley the heart of which is Kranjska Gora. Let your adventure begin here! Experience more than 150 original adventures prepared by tourism workers and the always hospitable villagers of the Upper Sava Valley.

Are you lacking inspiration for summer activities? Don't be afraid. The story goes on and on: first you visit us in winter, and then you return in the summer. Under the warm sun, the whole Upper Sava Valley is the venue of lively summer activities for you and your family!

@Arhiv - LTO Kranjska Gora;
Nature in the Upper Sava Valley represents a beautiful backdrop for exceptional stories. This is why the first Slovenian film ‘Kingdom of the Goldhorn’ (‘V kraljestvu Zlatoroga’) was shot here. The pristine nature of the Julian Alps was given the title of “biosphere” by UNESCO, a place for life, for the body and for the soul. Jump into the depth of yourself ... 

The culture of the Upper Sava Valley is not only museums, churches and monuments. Culture is also the way of life of the locals, which has formed their identity over the centuries. Therefore, listen to the very special village rituals and see some customs.

@Photo: Jože Brudar;
Hostel Barovc in Kranjska Gora is much more than just another lodging place. It is the story of passionate and enthusiastic young people. It is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, which we wish to share with you - our future guest. Barovc rests deep in the embrace of pristine nature. Imbued with joy and friendliness of the staff, coupled with pleasant ambience and endless possibilities, we aim to provide the best experience for everyone.

Festivities in the Upper Sava Valley have always been famous as is the beauty of the local girls. Good music, mighty linden trees, national costumes and home-made dishes: when the people of Kranjska Gora are joyful, they are joyful to the fullest. Also modern events are full of laughter and fun.

@Photo: Matevž Lenarčič

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