Thursday, 16 July 2015

Why visit Radol'ca in summer time?

Radovljica is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia. The heart of the old town, the magnificent Linhart Square, is the main visitor attraction. Additionally, the surroundings, which are collectively known as 'Radol'ca – Honestly Sweet', offer countless options for enjoying outdoor activities and discovering the area's history and traditions. Here we list seven magical reasons why you should visit Radol'ca this year:
1. Numerous events 
Numerous events will take place this summer in the Radol'ca area, from concerts in the old town centre to village celebrations, all of which will add to the enjoyment of your visit to Radol'ca from June to September.
2. Hop-On Hop-Off
During July and August the Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus offers visitors, including those without their own transport, the opportunity to experience Radovljica and its surroundings. The bus runs every Tuesday on the route Bled – Radovljica – Kropa, and every Thursday on the route Bled – Radovljica – Begunje – Brezje. It is possible to get on and off the bus at various places along the routes for guided tours and visits to sights of interest.
3. A Wide Range of Sports Activities
The surroundings of Radovljica offer a wide range of possibilities for various outdoor activities. In addition to cycling and hiking, you can set off on a number of guided adventures including trips along the Sava River, exploring a karst cave, doing a parachute jump, or a zip-line descent.
4. Taste Radol'ca
Radovljica and its surroundings have long been known for excellent cuisine. Ten restaurants participate and co-operate in 'Taste Radol'ca'. Their tables are bursting with local ingredients and traditional dishes all year round.
5. Cycling
Choose from a range of flat routes, ideal for family cycling trips, to the more demanding ascents to the panoramic mountain pastures in the Karavanke Range and on the Jelovica Plateau. Embark on a trip and discover the beautiful natural environment, and cultural and historical landmarks in Radol'ca, Bled, Žirovnica and Tržič. All are easily accessible by bike.
6. Hiking Trails
Radol'ca and its surrounds offer plenty of hiking opportunities. Choose from a range of undemanding walks through the fields and forests, or conquer the highest peaks of the Karavanke Range. Situated in the immediate vicinity of Triglav National Park, this location means that the starting points for ascents into the Julian Alps are never far away.
7. The Countryside
Set off to discover the sweet treasures of the Radol'ca countryside. Charming villages, meeting with the past, local restaurants and inns – all this and more awaits. Relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the countryside.
It certainly pays to visit for a number of days. You can stay in the Youth Hostlu Radovljica, located right in the heart of the old town centre.

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