Thursday, 13 August 2015

Welcome in Velenje!

Velenje is a lively town with a youthful energy. Modern architecture, rich culture, many events and opportunities for spending leisure time attract more and more visitors. Velenje has grown on the black gold and coal mining also resulted in the formation of three lakes, which can nowdays offer the extraordinary experiences: Coal mining museum of Slovenia, Velenje Beach, Pippi Longstocking ...

@Photo: Matej Vranič;  
At the Velenje gravel beach located next to the boathouse, you can sunbathe on well-maintained wooden stand. Showers and toilets are also provided.  You can rent a beach lounger and sunshade to enjoy a relaxing sunbathing or choose from a variety of vessels for an exciting water experience. Nearby the well-maintained and vast grass areas offer large number of possibilities for spending your leisure time in the relaxed atmosphere close to the water. All beach visitors are available to use the water park on Velenje lake for free. It is open every day from 10 am to 19 pm. During the opening hours there is also present a lifeguard. At the Zoo Station Velenje is a possibility of renting windsurfs and SUPS equipment. They are also organizing courses, competitions, sports days, team-building, and much more! Take an idyllic ride with Pletna boat on the Velenje Lake! It takes approximately 30 minutes with an optional stop on the floating water town.

@Photo: Matej Vranič  
Restaurants and bars offer a large selection of refreshments and food. One piece of beach is also dog friendly. At the 28th August 2015 it will be especially lively when there will be unwinding the Adriatic games on the Velenje Lake.

The real vortex in Velenje create countless and varied events. In September (20th - 26th September 2015) Pika's town get to life at the Pika's festival in Velenje. Streets overwhelm Pippis Longstocking and pirates, clowns, jugglers, Indians, scouts and much more.

@Photo: Lana Semeč  
If you decide to stay in Velenje, we recommend spending the night in Youth Hostel Velenje, which lies 500 m away from the city center and bus stop. Completely renewed building with 58 beds; from 2 to 6 beds per room. One part of the Hostel is adjusted for disabled people. Guests can spend their free time in the Youth center, which is located in the same building. Free Internet access.

For all information on events and activities, you are welcome to visit Tourist-Information center in Vila Bianca.

Titov trg 1, 3320 Velenje
T: 03/ 896 18 60

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

This summer we invite you in sunny Murska Sobota

This small and tranquil Pannonian town of Murska Sobota lies in the far northeast of Slovenia. Defined by the beauty of the centuries-old trees in the city park and the abundance of green grass fields, the town truly deserves the title greenest city in Slovenia. With over 2000 sun hours in the Year, Murska Sobota is the 5th sunniest towns in Slovenia.  Proofs it’s long and interesting history are the old historical buildings in the town center and the castle of whom the foundations date back to the 13th century. The inclusion among three neighbouring countries with their different cultures and the almost love like fondness of the river Mura characterized our people with a uniqueness that is visible in every aspect of living, especially in the various events that we host, our local cuisine and the genuine hospitality and friendliness that we love to share with our guests.

The Sights
The small Pannonian town is marked by two religions and their churches, the Roman- Catholic Church and the Protestant Church, rising in front of the Victory monument, a symbol of the victory against fascism. From there you can take a stroll through the beautiful park and admire the renaissance castle amongst the old oaks that give witness to our history and heritage. The castle is now the residence to the regional museum with a fabulous permanent exhibition and the youth center MIKK that often organizes music concerts in the castle square intended for young people. The space between the old walls of the castle, underneath the star filled sky produces a magical atmosphere that makes every cultural event a highlight. Moving to the center of town to the Square of culture where cultural events during the summer take place next to the statue of the fabled Muse Erato and the Gallery Murska Sobota. The gallery exhibits a permanent collection of contemporary fine art of Pomurje, apart from organizing exhibitions of not only domestic artists but also guests from abroad. The European Triennial of Small-Scale Sculpture is a traditional event.  The surroundings of the town are full of fields of crops such as corn, grain, rapeseed, pumpkin and the narrow dusty trails among them are great for a relaxing walk. The river Mura is the essence that binds and connects the people and all living things in Pomurje.  Its banks are teeming with life but are also of soothing tranquillity. They provide the ideal place to just let go of your daily troubles and relax or actively engage in sports like fishing, kayaking, canoeing and rafting.  Tracking and cycling have dedicated marked cross-country routs. Moreover, one can indulge in panoramic hot air balloon flights, skydiving and horseback riding. You are invited to discover more of the beauty Murska Sobota can offer.

Where you can sleep in Murska Sobota?
The hostel Murska Sobota accommodates individuals and or large groups for short or long stays in single and double rooms. Internet connections are available in all rooms and they do have a dedicated computer room and a conference room with cable TV. The kitchen offers warm meals with an emphasis on superb culinary pleasures of Pomurje. There is also a possibility for take-away food, so if you like you can make a picnic on the grass fields nearby.  Free time in this establishment can be used for rest and recreation  in the fitness room, playing table tennis, pool, table soccer or outside on the courts and playgrounds engaging in sports like basketball, volleyball and football. Creative workshops with ethnological content can be organized if arrangements are made in advance. The best way to see the town and the flatlands is on the bike, the hostel offers the possibility of renting one for you.

Events from July until August in summer time you can find on web page:

Zvezna ulica 10
9000 Murska Sobota
00386 2 534 11 30

Friday, 7 August 2015

Steam train adventures

This three-hour-long train ride along the Bohinj railway will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for any true rail enthusiast. The views of Lake Bled, passing through numerous gorges, crossing many tunnels, the longest is 6,327 m (3.93 miles) long, never fail to impress. Make sure your cameras are at hand! On the train, tour guides and staff will accompany us who will conjure up a merry atmosphere and provide information about the train, the Bohinj railway itself, and the regions along the route. The train also has a restaurant carriage serving a selection of drinks and light snacks.
Passengers may step off the train at all of the mentioned stations and spend the time according to their own wishes and arrangements. A few ideas for trips are available from our website and our partners' pages. Those who prefer to explore the sights along the route accompanied by our guides are more than welcome to join one of our organised visits.
Hostelling International membership card holders have special 10% discount. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

ABC rent a car in turizem d.o.o.
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T:+386 59 070 512

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer in Idrija

Idrija, a town in West Slovenia, is known for its rich mining heritage, handmade Idrija bobbin lace, Idrija žlikrofi, and unspoilt nature. This summer we invite you to choose among numerous possibilities for relaxation and active spending of free time in the town or its surrounding countryside.
In the hot summer days you might want to visit somewhat cooler places. Therefore, we recommend visiting Anthony's Shaft - a tourist mine included on the renowned UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage together with other Idrija mining heritage since June 2012. After watching a short presentation film you will put on a helmet and an overcoat and follow your guide in discovering the underground of Idrija with a temperature of around 15 °C. Thick castle walls also resist the heat and a visit to the Idrija Municipal Museum housed in Gewerkenegg Castle is a great choice for hot days. There you get to know the life of a miner and his family and you will be certainly fascinated by the abundance of Idrija bobbin lace. If you like lace, you should definitely visit the Idrija Lace School and lace shops in the town centre.

@Photo: Jani Peternelj; 
The Idrija Municipal Museum guide can take you also through the town centre to visit the famous "kamšt" - a part of a water pump featuring the biggest wooden wheel in Europe. From there you walk, in the shadow of mighty trees, the same path of Idrija's natural scientists, which runs along the Rake water channel. The path ends at Wild Lake (Divje jezero), one of the biggest Karst springs in Slovenia.

The upper Idrijca valley is included in the Upper Idrijca Regional Park. Here you can see numerous geological and botanical sights. The park is also a recreational centre of Idrija Municipality and a true paradise for mountain bikers. On hot days, the Lajšt bathing spot at the confluence of Idrijca and Belca will definitely attract your attention. It features also a children’s playground, two beach volleyball courts, and picnic areas. It is also a great starting point for walks around the regional park, where you can see Idrija Lauf - the first forest railway in Europe - and the mighty water barriers - klavže.

@Photo: Samo Trebižan;
If you ascend to one of the Idrija plateaus, you will be refreshed by a pleasant wind. The 1000m high Vojsko Plateau (Vojskarska planota) is known for its summer bed of blooming meadows. It offers its visitors a wonderful view of the Idrija tectonic fault along the Kanomljica valley, the Idrijske Krnice plateau and up to the Julian Alps. At Vojsko you can visit the “Slovenija” Partisan Printery, the biggest and technically best equipped partisan printery in the Primorska Region, hiding in the shelter of the mighty Idrija forests.

@Photo: Dunja Wedam;
A little below Vojsko, you can enjoy the abundant flora of Idrijske Krnice. Jelenk. The highest peak of Krnice is especially rich in flora and offers perfect possibility for a walk. You can see plentiful herbs also in the Hiša zelišč (House of Herbs) featuring herbs plantations, and join one of their workshops.  The Pr Kendu and Na Krnicah farms offer a variety of home-made milk products for which they are widely known. Visit them and taste the homemade cheese and yoghurt. St. Florian’s Church is decorated with wonderful mosaics by the renowned artist p. Marko Ivan Rupnik. 

If you cannot visit all the sights we offer in one day, we kindly invite you to extend your stay for a day or more. Hostel Idrija is located in pleasant surroundings close to Idrija town centre, which is just a few minutes walk away. Hostel Idrija offers affordable accommodation in double, triple or quadruple-bed rooms, or for larger groups, an eight-bed dorm is also available.

Youth Hostel Idrija
During the summer, numerous events will take place in Idrija and its surroundings. The town square will host concerts by renowned Slovenian and foreign musicians every Thursday evening. In late July the 14th Tango Festival and the traditional Castle evening will take place at Gewerkenegg Castle; the Kanomlja Festival is also worth visiting. In the second half of August you are invited to visit the Assumption of Mary celebration in Spodnja Idrija, the Charcoal Festival in Idrijske Krnice and the Festival Čipkarija. At the Idrija Žlikrofi Festival on the last Saturday in August we will say goodbye to the summer.

@Photo: Jani Peternelj;
You are kindly invited to visit Idrija.

More informations:
Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
+386 (0)5 37 43 916