Thursday, 13 August 2015

Welcome in Velenje!

Velenje is a lively town with a youthful energy. Modern architecture, rich culture, many events and opportunities for spending leisure time attract more and more visitors. Velenje has grown on the black gold and coal mining also resulted in the formation of three lakes, which can nowdays offer the extraordinary experiences: Coal mining museum of Slovenia, Velenje Beach, Pippi Longstocking ...

@Photo: Matej Vranič;  
At the Velenje gravel beach located next to the boathouse, you can sunbathe on well-maintained wooden stand. Showers and toilets are also provided.  You can rent a beach lounger and sunshade to enjoy a relaxing sunbathing or choose from a variety of vessels for an exciting water experience. Nearby the well-maintained and vast grass areas offer large number of possibilities for spending your leisure time in the relaxed atmosphere close to the water. All beach visitors are available to use the water park on Velenje lake for free. It is open every day from 10 am to 19 pm. During the opening hours there is also present a lifeguard. At the Zoo Station Velenje is a possibility of renting windsurfs and SUPS equipment. They are also organizing courses, competitions, sports days, team-building, and much more! Take an idyllic ride with Pletna boat on the Velenje Lake! It takes approximately 30 minutes with an optional stop on the floating water town.

@Photo: Matej Vranič  
Restaurants and bars offer a large selection of refreshments and food. One piece of beach is also dog friendly. At the 28th August 2015 it will be especially lively when there will be unwinding the Adriatic games on the Velenje Lake.

The real vortex in Velenje create countless and varied events. In September (20th - 26th September 2015) Pika's town get to life at the Pika's festival in Velenje. Streets overwhelm Pippis Longstocking and pirates, clowns, jugglers, Indians, scouts and much more.

@Photo: Lana Semeč  
If you decide to stay in Velenje, we recommend spending the night in Youth Hostel Velenje, which lies 500 m away from the city center and bus stop. Completely renewed building with 58 beds; from 2 to 6 beds per room. One part of the Hostel is adjusted for disabled people. Guests can spend their free time in the Youth center, which is located in the same building. Free Internet access.

For all information on events and activities, you are welcome to visit Tourist-Information center in Vila Bianca.

Titov trg 1, 3320 Velenje
T: 03/ 896 18 60

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