Monday, 19 October 2015

Take your group to an autumn paradise

Slovenia is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, as it offers so many and so varied features in a concentrated area of only 20.000km2, while being one of the safest countries in the whole of the European Union. Adding the splendid nature and history rich cities connected by great road and railroad infrastructure, Slovenian truly offers more experience per day spent here that any other place in the world.

@Author: Dunja Wedam;
In the autumn the nature isn’t just green – it offers all the possible imaginable colours: from golden yellow of the vineyards, through the scarlet and brown of the leaves in the forests, the deep green of the pine trees, adding the sea of blue and emerald rivers, lakes and creeks… there’s almost no colour missing before the first snow covers it all in pearly white.

Getting to know Slovenia, especially if you don’t have a huge budget to throw around, is best done by checking into the Youth Hostels, which were recognised by our international guests to be among the best in the world (results for the first half of 2015). We picked out six of them to give you a great suggestion for this autumn. Youth Hostel Pod Skalo, offers a domestic feel and gives you additional motivation for your work or joy in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia – just a few kilometres from the national capital of Ljubljana. But if you’d prefer to stay in the capital, we can suggest you and your group the Youth Hostel Ljubljana, which also offers free parking and is located near the public transport system, offering also a wide variety of indoor sporting activities. Ljubljana is also one of the three ancient Roman towns in Slovenia, which offers additional attractions.

@Author-B. Kladnik;
Celje is another of three Roman towns, with hostel MCC Celje located in the very heart of the city, with each room interpreting one of the city legends. The fact itself that the hostel is part of the youth centre means, it offers many options for joint activities. Also part of the youth centre is the Youth Hostel Punkl, in Ravne na Koroškem, which is an attraction in its own right, as it is a modern wood construction made from quality local wood giving a special warmth to the place that has one of the highest levels of accommodation quality.

@Author: Matej Vranič;
In the very heart of Slovenia, in a place preserving world heritage – a UNESCO site – is the town of Idrija, where its hostel Idrija opens its doors to welcome you and your group to explore and enjoy. And for conclusion we’d like to invite you to the very north-west of Slovenia, to the place that featured the horrific history a century ago, when it was the site of the battlefront during the First World War. Here, where the Austrian and Italian armies (a place Hemingway wrote about) clashed, is also the place where mountains and rivers are clashing together with all their splendour. In the heart of the region is the lovely town of Bovec, with the warm inviting hotel Bovec, offering the home made cuisine specialities, or you can also taste the history and pristine nature instead of just excellent cooking.

@Author: A. Fevzer;
And as Slovenia has more than just 6 places and hostels, we also invite you to check out the complete offer, where you are bound to find what you are looking for your group, while organizing the perfect autumn trip.

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