Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter fairy-tale has begun

This winter started showing it self and it's bringing not only cold, but also joy and cheer, along with many opportunities to be active and have fun in the snow. The upcoming holiday season is also knocking at the door, with town centres, squares and streets being brightly decorated with smells of boiled wine and pastries tempting passers-by to stop and get warm.
It’s the time of the year, very suitable to visit Slovenia in larger or smaller groups, and we’ve prepared a selection of six among our many HI hostels, that ad to the variety of offer, although they all offer a nice and marry stay. 

Hostel Barovc in Kranjska Gora is located in a typical mountain hut next to the renowned skiing slopes, which host the world cup skiing competition. The hostel will charm you with the homely feel and great food. For those, however, who prefer to spend the winter without snow, we suggest a visit to hostel Portorož, where you’ll enjoy the best view of the Slovenian coast. You can also visit the second biggest Slovenia city, Maribor, and stay at hostel Pekarna, just a few hundred meters from the heart of the old town, where there’s always something going on throughout December. 

In Radenci the hostel Radenci which boasts with great culinary offers and many common rooms invites you to enjoy the famous Slovenian spa town. And you are always welcome in the national capital, where you can stay at Youth Hostel Ljubljana and get to know the charm of one of the best decorated central European capitals. But it’s winter, so let’s return to snow and Hostel Pod Voglom, which is close to the cable cart to Vogel, where you’re guarantied to have great skiing, but the hostel also offers other adrenalin adventures, like rafting on snow. So, there are many reasons to visit the green land, which is usually covered in romantic white this time of year.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sport climbing in Slovenia

Sport climbing in the world famous climbing area of Mišja Peč (Osp) on the Karst Edge 

@Jurij Ravnik
Why is climbing in Mišja peč on the Karst Edge so special? 
The climbing area of Mišja peč offers around 200 routes with the height between 9 and 40 m and with difficulties ranging from 5b up to 9a. You can find easier routes on left and on the right side og the, whereas the challenge for even top climbers, the overhanging part, is central. The routes of solid limestone with various tufa structures are nicely maintained and well equipped: all of them have an anchor with a carabiner. Climbing is possible from September until May, and even in the rain, offering an unforgettable experience. The climate of the Karst Edge is mediterranean. The Karst Edge area, which is – along with all its geographical diversity – embraced with the greenness of nature, furthermore offers crags of Osp and Črni Kal with another 550 routes with difficulties between 3 and 9a. 

@Jurij Ravnik
Why is Hostel Ociski raj so special for climbers?  
First of all, due to its vicinity to the site – the hostel is no more than 11km from Mišja peč. Furthermore, climbers can borrow climbing guide: “Climbing on the Karst edge” – which includes climbing in Osp, Mišja peč, Črni Kal and Risnik (Divača) climbing areas, as well as the climbing crags around Trieste (Italy) and Buzet (Croatia) – or the climbing guide “Osp & Mišja peč + Črni Kal”. Hostel Ociski raj offers cheap accommodation and a big breakfast in a spacious kitchen with all equipment. You can choose to stay in a private room or a dorm, but you get a good value for money nevertheless. The hostel is surrounded by a beautiful countryside that longs to be explored, and is easy to reach. Hostel Ociski raj supports

@Youth Hostel Ociski Raj

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hostel Tresor is the first Slovenian hostel on TravelStarter

About two years ago the hostel Tresor opened its doors. In a beautiful building in the heart of the city, which was once the home of bankers, we opened the hostel that pays tribute to its origins and basic concepts, but is now much more dynamic in its content. The heart of the building is now full with international youthful energy since it has become home of world's travellers.

In two years we have managed to make several changes, most notable is definitely a bar and renovated reception area, which we have rebuilt at the beginning of this year. We considered wishes of our guests and made room for the bar, which has already proved to be an excellent space for events and morning coffee. 

From the beginning, we wanted to enrich our atrium and turn it into a more pleasant space for socializing, a place where you would like to stay and have a chat and also come back. This magnificent atrium has hosted a series of lectures, workshops, literary evenings and themed parties but we are aware that it deserves a more pleasant image. We wish to transform it into a multicultural space where individuals and groups would like to hang out even when they just want to chillax. The atrium is a wonderful place in the heart of our hostel, which deserves a renovation, but we never had enough finances and opportunities to make it happen. We are aware that it is necessary to offer guests the best, so we decided to find a solution how to revive the heart of the hostel, as we like to call our atrium.

We have been checking out for solutions and monitoring the options of crowdfunding which we find fascinating as it gives option for guests to help you co-create and change things.

We were looking for an appropriate platform where we could present our vision and could not find the right one until we heard of TravelStarter. TravelStarter is a global platform that understands and connects travellers and it fits us perfectly. And so it began, we started preparing awards, contacting our partners, did our video... And I can proudly say that our campaign will see the light of day in December! Rewards for your support are extremely tempting, as we offer accommodations, meals, entertainment and excursions. We will be more than grateful for any kind of donations, support, shares and advices. All of it will help us greatly as inspiration in our future work. More at: 


To present our idea even more detailed, we are planning to organize an opening event for our campaign with workshops and lectures. We will keep you posted with all our updates and will write a regular blog about the campaign. With your help, we can exploit the full potential of this beautiful building and we look forward to this new experience. Because you were so great to believe in us, we became stronger and we are opening our heart to all of you. 

We thank you for everything, please visit us soon.