Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sport climbing in Slovenia

Sport climbing in the world famous climbing area of Mišja Peč (Osp) on the Karst Edge 

@Jurij Ravnik
Why is climbing in Mišja peč on the Karst Edge so special? 
The climbing area of Mišja peč offers around 200 routes with the height between 9 and 40 m and with difficulties ranging from 5b up to 9a. You can find easier routes on left and on the right side og the, whereas the challenge for even top climbers, the overhanging part, is central. The routes of solid limestone with various tufa structures are nicely maintained and well equipped: all of them have an anchor with a carabiner. Climbing is possible from September until May, and even in the rain, offering an unforgettable experience. The climate of the Karst Edge is mediterranean. The Karst Edge area, which is – along with all its geographical diversity – embraced with the greenness of nature, furthermore offers crags of Osp and Črni Kal with another 550 routes with difficulties between 3 and 9a. 

@Jurij Ravnik
Why is Hostel Ociski raj so special for climbers?  
First of all, due to its vicinity to the site – the hostel is no more than 11km from Mišja peč. Furthermore, climbers can borrow climbing guide: “Climbing on the Karst edge” – which includes climbing in Osp, Mišja peč, Črni Kal and Risnik (Divača) climbing areas, as well as the climbing crags around Trieste (Italy) and Buzet (Croatia) – or the climbing guide “Osp & Mišja peč + Črni Kal”. Hostel Ociski raj offers cheap accommodation and a big breakfast in a spacious kitchen with all equipment. You can choose to stay in a private room or a dorm, but you get a good value for money nevertheless. The hostel is surrounded by a beautiful countryside that longs to be explored, and is easy to reach. Hostel Ociski raj supports

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