Friday, 29 January 2016

Vote for Postojna Cave!

Does Postojna Cave deserve your vote in the final selection of the European Business Awards 2015/2016?

Its 24 km of galleries, tunnels and magnificent halls make the Postojna Cave one of the world’s best known tourist caves. Its many unique, picturesque features have been enchanting visitors from all over the world for almost 200 years. The Postojna Cave is the only cave where you can experience an exciting train ride through a breathtaking underground landscape. Riding under magnificent arches is an experience you will never forget. A tour of the cave takes around 90 minutes and is available in 15 languages. No special equipment is required, but a warm sweater and comfortable shoes are recommended, as the temperature in the cave is 10 °C.
We are delighted that you, our visitors, are getting to know the splendours of Postojna Cave, and are also proud that our efforts have been recognised at an international level. This is attested by the fact that a panel of independent judges have named Postojnska jama, the company that manages Postojna Cave, a National Champion at the European Business Awards competition, i.e. one of the 678 companies selected from over 33,000 businesses from 33 countries across Europe. Running alongside the competition’s internal judging process is a public vote; you are kindly invited to watch a presentation video, which tells the story of our business success and explains the reason why our company has been named one of the finalists. We will be delighted if you cast your vote for us. On this occasion Marjan Batagelj, Chairman of the Board, said: "Everything we do is aimed at satisfied visitors, and we do it all with pride in being the ones that manage Slovenia's major tourist attraction. We are pleased that this is our mission. The company and all of the employees, who make sure every visit to Postojna Cave is a unique experience, will truly appreciate your vote."