Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dear travellers!

Where would you go if you would like to visit and experience something new and have a great time as well? Here in the heart of Dolenjska, surrounded by rolling hills with vineyards and river Temenica, Trebnje is a special town. The town has rich cultural and natural heritage. Here in the land of wine cviček, important men left their footprint among warm and friendly people. Welcome to the green-blue landscape, surrounded by special charms revealing its mysteries. A visit to Trebnje is always something special. A patchwork of fields, meadows, orchards, vineyards and forests, sunny hills, numerous valleys, and of course the whisper of river Temenica creates an indescribable experience for everyone.

For nature lovers, here is the paradise for the body and soul. Take a walk to the highest peak of Trebnje and observe the city and the surrounding hills on the palm of your hand. Watch the colourful fauna and flora:  the pond Blato paints an image of its surroundings. Here you can feel the healing power of nature, indulge yourselves in the enriching energies of the castle trees and reenergize yourself with healing water, true indeed. You are invited to an evening under the stars in one of the typical hayracks tasting wine, the royal cviček. This place was once a meeting point for artists from all over the world and now their works are collected and displayed just for you. There is also enough of everything for admirers of culture. Here you will find the homesteads of famous men and walking trails that are named after them, our sacred heritage and much more.  

Here, after 36 years, the traditional wine fare The Cviček Week will return.  There will be various events, interesting content and sightseeings of our town will attract people from all over Slovenia. Trebnje will come alive with help of the diligent hands of our winegrowers from Dolenjska and the global phenomenon among wines, cviček.

@Author - A. Fevžer;
You can book a room at the Youth Hostel Novo mesto, which is only twenty kilometres away from the town of Trebnje.

Allow being enchanted by Trebnje and feel this placid peace, diversity and simplicity of the local people. Let the story of the green-blue landscape touch you, too. You are welcome to us, to the heart of Dolenjska!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

From London to Ljubljana and back for around £40

I am sure you've heard of Slovenia. We have it all – beautiful mountains, sea, rivers and amazing cities. And with the warmer weather come cheap plane tickets. A flight from London Luton to Ljubljana and back will cost you no more than 40 pounds or around 50 euros if you fly with Wizzair.

@Author -  Janez Tolar;
What will you do here if you decide to take this flight, you ask me? Everything! You can go mountain climbing in the beautiful Gorenjska region or go to the coast and lay around in the sun or taste some amazing seafood. Or you can go cycling!

@Author - Julia
You can cycle pretty much everywhere in Slovenia but you must try Rogla’s Bike Park. It has different obstacles and adrenalin jumps that are 7 kilometres long. You can read more about it in Tabita’s article Cycling paradise in Rogla. You want to come with children? No problem, Mateja Mažgan does it all the time and says that each cyclist can discover something new and different. Of course there are some compromises but she still visits a lot of beautiful places in Slovenia. Or if you’re up for long tours, you can check out some of the longer tracks where you will definitely see and experience a lot. But be careful, the hills in Slovenia are pretty steep. There are many well marked cycling paths, you just need to discover them. If you prefer mountain biking, you should visit Bled, Bohinj or Pohorje and if you prefer flatlands, you should visit Prekmurje with beautiful countryside. Are you competitive? There are also many cycling events you can attend to in Slovenia. You can go on marathons or join in on a thematic event where you can socialize and maybe try some Slovenian wine.
@Author - Tomo Jesenič
Did we convince you? Not yet? Maybe we can also tell you that there are a lot of hostels on cycling trails. Slovenia has hostels in almost every city so you will not go broke while breaking a sweat. Check them out here and visit Slovenia!

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