Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Come to Slovenia! Wroclaw to Venice and back for 50 Euros

Ryanair always offer good prices so a return flight from Wroclaw to Venice wasn’t a surprise. In summer months you can visit Venice (and beautiful Slovenia) for about 50 euros, which is more than a good price.

@Author - Barbara Kožar; www.slovenia.info
Have you checked the blog HI Slovenia lately? We recommend you take a look and see what you can see in Slovenia, which is very close to Venice and full of surprises if you haven’t been there yet. There you will find what to see, where to go and what to do. But if you want some actual advice, keep on reading. If you like fascinating views, architecture, history, cycling and rock climbing, you can head to the valley of Glinščica, which reaches the bay of Trieste. Since we almost touched Italian Karst, you should see the Slovenian Karst. The lakes are real natural wonder. Mysterious lakes appear and disappear, depending on the season. The Cerknica Lake is the largest seasonal lake in Europe and there are 17 more in Pivka valley. There you will also find museums, collections, castles, which will tell you the stories of past life. You can also take a hike on Krpan trail, where you will follow the footsteps of the mighty salt smuggler who defeated the Turk army (maybe read the story first). Of course Slovenia offers a lot of beautiful cities, but today let’s focus on another valley. Our volunteer Katja Kovič wrote about Ljubno ob Savinji and took us to this magical place. She recommends you to try potica and a Slovenian culinary specialty savinjski želodec (some kind of salami). Or just read more about it here, or better, see for yourself.

@Author - Tomo Jeseničnik; www.slovenia.info
There are hostels to accompany your trip so don’t hesitate to come to Slovenia. You will find beautiful nature, kind people and amazing adventures. Book the flight ticket and a hostel and you’re ready to go.

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