Friday, 8 April 2016

From Corfu (Greece) to Slovenia for 74 euros!

Did you always want to see Slovenia but never knew how to get here? Sure, the plane tickets to Ljubljana, its capital aren’t cheap but you can fly to Venice in May, see the beautiful Italian city and then head to Slovenia. Plane tickets with Ryanair will cost you around 74 euros. What are you waiting for?

@Author - Ales Zdesar;
Oh, to show you something worth seeing? Yes, we are small, but we actually have it all – beautiful lakes, the sea, hills, mountains, cities so Slovenia is worth exploring. Maybe you know the Big Blog Exchange that happens every year. He came to Slovenia and explored it in 10 days. And he also vlogged about it. You can check it out in part one and part two for some inspiration what to visit. But I was talking about lakes, sea and mountains, right? Yes, you can visit all this in one country. You can read about the seaside and the city Izola in this blog. And while you’re there, visit Piran for some small-town charm and great views. Next are the mountains. If you’re brave, you can climb on Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. Or if you’re not that adventurous, visit Peca or go to Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Velika Planina and read this blog for some tips. If you want to stay on solid ground and still see some beautiful mountains, visit Bled, Bohinj and Radovljica, where you can stay in a hostel Radovljica, which was once a renaissance castle. We covered sea with Piran, lakes with Bohinj and Bled and mountains with Peca, Triglav or Velika Planina? Is that convincing enough to visit Slovenia? I think so!

@Author - Alan Kosmač Sidarta d.o.o.;
Of course there are some great hostels in almost every part of Slovenia so you won’t go broke. Check yourself and visit a wonderful part of this beautiful world!

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