Friday, 15 April 2016

From Paris to Venice (and back) for around 30 euros

Did you ever visit Italy? Maybe you have, but we have one more question for you. Did you ever visit Slovenia, which is really, really close to Venice, where you can fly to from Paris in May for only 30 Euros. Sure, Slovenia isn’t really a known European country, but it is really beautiful. You can fly from Paris to Venice with Ryanair and then get a ride from GoOpti and come to Slovenia. Or rent a car, get on a train, whatever.

@Author - Ana Pogačer;
We offer a lot. You can read something about it here, where we wrote about all the beautiful things Slovenia offers and here, where we wrote about biking trails. And today, we want to tell you something about our cities, or better to say, towns. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. And then there is university town Maribor, which offers a lot of fascinating history. Maybe the romance by river Drava will convince you or the Old Vine House with some great wines. If you go about 30 minutes out of Maribor, you will find Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city with its foundation traced back to the Stone Age. You will find beautiful landscapes pretty much everywhere, but for some special things, you should go to Gorenjska region. Bled, Bohinj and their surroundings are simply beautiful. Check 5 reasons to visit Bled or a travelogue of Radovljica, another charming town in Gorenjska. Of course you will want to see the sea. While on the way, stop by Idrija to see some beautiful lace. Idrija is also the oldest Slovenian mining town. For the end, stop in Izola, a beautiful seaside town with a lot of charm and opportunities to relax.

@Author - Matej Vranič;
Did we convince you? We can also tell you that there is a hostel in every single town that we mentioned. Check it here and book your stay. Say HI to Slovenia!

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