Monday, 23 May 2016

Brežice, my town

Festival with a soul that would be a sin not to visit.

Only a few days separate us from the largest Festival in Posavje, which will be held for the 12th year in a row. Who would have thought that such a small town on the left bank of the Sava river can in the summer months would become so loved and visited? 

Believe it or not, Brežice can do all this and much more. This summer will be marked by indescribable fun, crazy adventures and memories that will last forever. The program, which the organizers are preparing for this year's summer is more than great, because there's something for everyone. 

On the opening of the festival on 24th June you will be able to enjoy by the sound of accordion and some wine and taste some amazing local products at the courtyard of Brežice castle. If you are a fan of good local cuisine, do not miss this day. The second day of the Festival, on 25th of June will mark the traditional 6th Castle antique market. Every collector will find something for him and his soul at this market. Of course there will also be some good music on the second day The third day of the Festival, starting on 26th of June, will be marked by the Museum Day. Castle Brežice will hold a temporary exhibition in the late afternoon, with which we will remember life and work of academician Jože Toporišič. And for even more fun, the opening of the summer cinema will also happen in the courtyard of Brežice castle, which you will simply enjoy. 

The fourth day of the Festival, on 29th of June will be slightly differently coloured as the previous three days, because a three-day, so called »March in Bresce« will start. Small group of hikers will begin their march on 100 km long journey from the capital Ljubljana all the way to the heart of the Festival events in the old town of Brežice. For a little fun, there will also be a concert of prospective young artist Ditka late in the afternoon on the summer terrace in front of the City Hall. The fifth day of the Festival, on 1st of July will be culinary marked once again. In the park in front of the Municipality Brežice a culinary experience »Kuhna na ulci« will be held, which will serve you with excellent domestic and international cuisine. Massive dose of fun and full tummy are more than guaranteed. Local singer Nuša Derenda with selected guests and Croatian pop band Jinx will take care for the party.

The 2nd of July we will take care of the children with an interesting programme. In the park at Mc Brežice so called Leprechaun magic will be held. There will also be taken care of recreation. You will have the opportunity to do a round or two with Olympic and world champion Primož Kozmus. In the evening the singer Alya will perform on the main stage.  The old town will become even hotter whenthe legendary pop rock band Parni valjak will come on stage. The entire festival events will be completed on 3rd of July on the First Wake park, where so called Shooder Jam will happen and offer windsurfing, SUPing and many others activities. If you want to take a small break after an exhausting festival weekend, an attractive beach in the middle of Boršt is more than the right choice for you. 

You can visit the largest festival in Posavje – »Brežice, my town« from 24th of June from 6pm and till 3rd of July. Entry to the Festival is completely free of charge. If you are thinking about where to go last week in June, this kind of festival is the right choice for you. 

Worried about where to sleep after an exhausting festival night? Don't worry, because we were thinking about everything. Mc Hostel Brežice offers you far the best accommodation around here. For overnight in hostel you will be charged from only 15€. 

@Youth Hostel Brežice
There is more than enough room for all visitors coming to the Festival from where elsewhere. Welcoming atmosphere, modern rooms and friendly staff are a few reasons more for packing,get going and visit entertaining Festival in Brežice.

See you soon!

Karmen Jarkovič (Mc hostel Brežice)

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