Friday, 20 May 2016

Brussels to Ljubljana for 50 euros

Isn't travelling the best feeling ever? Wandering off to another country and exploring the cities, nature and the culture? It is easy to just pass Slovenia and visit Milan or Rome. But Slovenia is also hiding some treasures. In September you can travel from Brussels to Ljubljana and back with Wizzair for around 50 euros. Are you tempted? Keep reading.

@Author - Leon Hmeljak;
So, what can you visit in Slovenia? What can you see? Here are your top 3 cities to visit.

1. Ljubljana
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and the biggest city in Slovenia. In its old city centre, you will find medieval castle and of course, the picturesque bridges that lead the way over Ljubljanica river. The city is marked by Jože Plečnik, a world famous architect. You can see his touch on every step and you will be amazed by the beautiful architecture. It can also boast with one of the world’s oldest philharmonic societies. Each year the city hosts over 10 000 cultural events so you will definitely find something for you. In the summer, there is also a food market in Ljubljana, called Open Kitchen. Find out more about culinary in Ljubljana here.

@Author - Nea Culpa;
2. Maribor
Of course I cannot leave out Maribor, my home town. It’s a city I love and have lived my whole life, but that isn’t the point. It’s a city of students, of great parties and of charming city centre. It has some amazing history and if you want a fun fact, I can tell you that we have a town square, named after a popular detective series Kojak, because it’s similar to Telly Savalas’ head. If you want more fun facts, just read this article. Also, the wine in Maribor is great. Just ask anyone. You can sit by the river Drava, hang out and drink a glass of wine. Isn’t life amazing?

@Author - Rene Strgar; 
3. Izola
Slovenian seaside is small, but beautiful. It has many pretty and charming little towns but I would definitely recommend Izola. It’s a little fishing town with some wonderful architectural treasures and old legends, which take you back in time, when Izola was still an island. Isola means an island in Italian. In the evenings, things get a bit more lively and the pubs in the marina are full of people, eating delicious local food. Just go and see! And read this travelogue, which will definitely convince you to visit Izola.

@Author - Giorgio Baruffi;
If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on accommodation, there is hostel Tresor in Ljubljana, which was once a grey and rigid home of bankers and was transformed into a lively and urban hostel. In Maribor, there is Youth Hostel Pekarna right next to the park and close to the city centre. And in Izola, there is Youth Hostel Alieti in one of the cobbled streets, which will charm you and convince you to visit Slovenia again.

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