Friday, 6 May 2016

Dear traveller!

Where to look for a paradise today, if not in a remote and unspoiled countryside, where tranquillity, diversity and rich natural and cultural heritage are interlaced? Therefore, welcome to the heart of Bela krajina, where ancient Metlika is hidden between Gorjanci Mountains and the Kolpa River. Let its rich history, culture and friendly people touch you.

@Foto: Uroš Raztresen
Metlika is mysterious, untouched and pure; and its dynamic world is full of magical nooks offering relaxation and entertainment.

@Foto: Uroš Raztresen
White and tranquil in winter, it offers sightseeing tours of architectural and cultural heritage, and in full bloom in spring, it invites to hiking and biking trails, while in warm months, the Kolpa River, a green and clean beauty, enables you to cool down. It sparkles especially in its autumn colours, when its granaries and wine cellars are filled up. Local winemakers produce the wines that will please even the most demanding drinker, and delicious homemade food and hospitality will convene travellers to come and see us again and again. 

@Foto: Uroš Raztresen
The best way is to come and see. Any words, even the most nicely selected ones, are too modest to describe all that you will see, hear and experience in the land of white birches, a rich folklore tradition, and smiling, friendly and hospitable people. 

You can book a bed in a youth Hostel Novo mesto, which is just thirty kilometers away from Metlika.  

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