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Preddvor – the court of peaceful nature

10 km from of Kranj and 26 km from Ljubljana is town Preddvor – the court of peaceful nature. Although the moto of Preddvor is calm, Preddvor offers numerous options of sport activities. The village by the foot of the mountains Storžič (2132 m) and Zaplata are great starting points for hikers. The outstanding nature will enchant you on easy walks as well. Preddvor offers the right balance between relaxation and active holidays. Sightseeing will satisfy the ones with a love for culture. 

The centre of Preddvor represents square Dvorski trg, which includes the church of St. Peter with a presbytery, an abandoned cemetery, a small chapel, a manor with a park, an old school (nowadays a municipality), a cultural centre and a monument for the victims of the Second World War. Nearby lies Lake Črnava, surrounded by a settled walking path and a marked forest learning path. Next to the lake are the Bor hotel, the Hrib castle with a famous wedding avenue and a sequoia forest. 

Within the cultural sights you can sightsee numerous churches of Preddvor: the church of St. Peter with an old cemetery, the church of St. Jakob, the church of St. Miklavž, the church of St. Egidius, the church of St. Lenart, the church of St. Klemen and the church of St. Nikolaj. Preddvor is also a birthplace of Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska, the first Slovenian female poet, writer and composer. On the Turn castle you can see her memorial room, a pergola and a park. On the slope by the main road stands the Guentzel’s villa with a luxuriously dissected façade and exotic trees in a large garden. Under Kališče stands a Partisan hospital Košuta which worked from 1943 to October 1944. Preserved is a wooden shack with dispensary equipment. On a rock in vicinity is a memorial plate with names of 8 soldiers, who died in the hospital. 

Sport activities
Preddvor is a starting point for many mountain tracks. There are also some themed routes of Preddvor: The Chamois path, The path of four castles in Preddvor, The short educational path through the woods in Preddvor, The path to St. Jakob and The Old transport route. Cyclist can choose a trip along the longest Slovenian village Kokra where are located 4 cycling stops. You can decide to go nordic walking, swimming in the Črnava lake in warm season, play a game of tennis and beach volley or explore the 14 settlements of Preddvor on a run. 

Nature sights

The Kokra valley
Kokra lies on a juncture of the tallest peaks of Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe in the east and the Karavanke in the west. Due to its position and closeness of the river, Kokra valley is a true paradise for picnics in nature in the summertime. Fishing in the river is one of the most attractive activities for the experts in fly fishing because it demands knowledge and skills of all the tricks to catch trout from their pools. 

Hudičev boršt - The Devil’s forest
The Zaplata mountain is famous for its unusual forested ‘spot’ on its otherwise bare slopes. The legend says that Zaplata was created by the devil himself; he carried the forest to the mountain to take it away from two neighbours who argued about who owned it. This is also why Preddvor's souvenir is a wooden figure of the devil carrying a forest on his shoulder.

The culinary experience
A vast culinary offer will comply with all flavours and desires. You can choose from local menus to a prestigious service and you will not be disappointed. Try a local dish »posmodulja«, drink coffee by the lake, order a pizza, a dessert or a four-course meal, the choice is yours.

For young visitors we warmly recommend the Young Hostel, which is located in Kranj, only 10 km from our village.

Visit Preddvor and experience embrace of nature!

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