Monday, 13 June 2016

From Malta to Venice for 50 euros

We all know that Malta is beautiful and that it's a paradise for people who love the sea. But let me give you a hint. Slovenia is beautiful too. And now you can fly to Italian Venice and back for around 50 euros with Ryanair and then come and visit Slovenia. See, I already have all figured out.

@Author - Nea Culpa;
I’m here, now what? You ask me. Well, this blog offers you a lot of attractions and places that you can visit and have a great time. I would recommend you to also visit the blog HI Alpe Adria, where you’ll find a lot of interesting things. But if you’re really coming from Malta, maybe stay away from the coast and visit the mountains. Here are top 3 towns in Carniola to visit:

Bohinj Igor Fabjan, our volunteer wrote that this beautiful valley was a gift from God and this is where Bohinj got the name from (boh means god in Slovenian dialect). Bohinj Lake is part of the Triglav National Park and is a paradise for everyone who wants an active holiday. The mountain tops offer hiking opportunities, you can swim in the lake in the summer months, you can go rock climbing, canyoning or even parachute flying. Need I say more? If yes, read this blog.

@Author - Nea Culpa;
Bled is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. Lake Bled is probably one of the most well renowned sights in the country and it’s why people know Slovenia. A couple of kilometres away, you can visit the glacier valley Vintgar, which was discovered in 1981 and is still unspoiled and really beautiful. You can read more about Bled and its attractions here.

@Author -  Franci Ferjan;
Radovljica is a little bit further from the actual mountains but the town sure has a charm. Anton Tomaž Linhart, the first Slovenian playwright was born here, and the Linhart Square is the spot for many events in Radovljica today. The locals may tell you, that nothing really happens in Radovljica, but just wait and see or do a short research on the internet and prove them wrong. Every year there is a chocolate festival in Radovljica, and the city is also the host of international festival of street theatre Ana Desetnica. Again, you can read more about the town, Bled, Bohinj and what they offer here.

@Author - Miran Kambič;
Of course, you will find some hostels around here. Hostel Bledec is situated near the centre of Bled beneath the Bled Castle. Hostel Pod Voglom is perfect for groups and is located by the Lake Bohinj. It’s also a perfect starting point for sporting activities. And in Radovljica, there is a special hostel Youth Hostel Radovljica in the Vidič House, which was once an old renaissance castle.

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