Thursday, 30 June 2016

From Montenegro to Ljubljana for 94 €

Hello! It's us again, with the cheap plane tickets. I'm sure you've missed us. I know Montenegro is a beautiful country, but so is Slovenia. And now you can fly to Ljubljana from Podgorica and back for only 94 € with Montenegro Airlines in September. I think that’s a great deal, don’t you? The flight will last only an hour and boom! You can be in the beautiful Slovenian capital.

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You can see a lot in Ljubljana. It is one of the smaller European capitals, but it sure has its charm. For an introduction to Ljubljana, I’d suggest that you read this article, which will tell you a little more about the city. Now, what to do? If you are a foodie and live for the little great tastes, then check Ljubljana’s Open Kitchen in the middle of the city centre, where a lot of Slovenian restaurants come and cook their food. And if you’re still hungry, check out this article for more advice on what to visit and is food related. 

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While strolling through the city centre, you can not miss the statue of France Prešeren, Slovenian great poet and the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation on the Prešeren Square or Prešernov trg. In front of the church is the famous Triple Bridge that crosses over Ljubljanica river and a little further the Dragon Bridge for a little Game of Thrones vibe. 

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If you’ll take a stroll by Ljubljanica or even take a boat and ride on the Ljubljanica, you will be able to enjoy some ice cream or a cup of great coffee. Maybe even visit an old bookshop with used books or just explore, sit by the river and enjoy in the view. You can also visit the Ljubljana Castle. It is on the hill and it’s visible from the city centre, but don’t worry, the stroll to the castle is short and not tiring at all. And if you want something adventurous for the end of your trip, try Mindmaze in the city centre and try your mind.

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I’m sure you’re at least a little curious about Ljubljana by now, so I have a few suggestions for the hostels you can pick. Ready? Ok. The first suggestion is Vila Veselova in the city centre with all the main sights close by. And for something quirky and a little bit different, there is Youth Hostel Tresor, which was once a bank vault. They have turned it into a hip hostel, which offers comfort and fun events, furthermore the location could not be more central. If you want to be a little more outside of the city, I’d recommend Hostel Ljubljana, which is great for sports enthusiasts since it offers a wide range of activities. Come and visit Ljubljana.

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