Friday, 16 September 2016

Endless Activities in Slovenia

Autumn is coming and you still want to go somewhere? Why wouldn't you visit our beautiful Slovenia? I promise you won’t be sorry and that you will see some beautiful things. Slovenia is an amazing place that offers a lot of activities and things that you won’t see anywhere else. So here are some suggestions.

@Author - Matej Vranič;
Have you ever heard of Velika Planina? Well, it’s a beautiful place near a town Kamnik. Kamnik is located near river Kamniška Bistrica, which gives a special character to the nature. But most importantly, Kamnik is located near Kamnik-Savinja Alps that are a true fairy tale. That is also the place where you can find Velika Planina and I promise you, you will be amazed. You will find a well preserved shepherd’s huts (where you can also stay) that are one of the few settlements of this size in Europe. If you want to stay a little longer in Kamnik, choose hostel Pod Skalco in the centre of Kamnik. 

@Author - Aleš Fevžer;
Region Koroška is often forgotten in our beautiful Slovenia. If you want a quieter vacation in the middle of nature, then you can choose hostel Punkl in Ravne na Koroškem. It is the first Slovenian youth hostel that has low-energy consuming structure and is in line with natural and bioclimatic characteristics of its surroundings. If you want to do some activities in the nature, you’ve come to the right place. You can go hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and even rafting. In case of bad weather, sports park Ravne is just around the corner so you certainly won’t get bored. If you’re a keen hiker, maybe choose Uršlja gora where you’ll get an amazing view. 

@Author - Dunja Wedam;
Slovenia is also known for thermal water and amazing spas. Prekmurje is another forgotten region where you truly are in the middle of nowhere. But there’s a charm in that. If you want to try out some of the Slovenian spas, visit Radenci and their spa. You will definitely be more relaxed after a day, spent in the bubbles. And if you want to spend more days there, relaxing and pampering yourself, stay at Youth Hostel Radenci, which is surrounded by fields and vineyards by Mura river. 

@Author - Mirko Kunšič;
And exploring the nature continues. Youth Hostel Menina is part of the camp Menina in the Upper Savinja Valley in Rečica ob Savinji. The hostel is by river Savinja that can be quite warm in the summer, so try jumping in and refresh yourself. Hikers are never disappointed in Slovenia. Here you can go hiking in the valley Menina or visit Logar Valley that will definitely leave a mark in your memory. 

@Author - Ubald Trnkoczy;
Let’s jump to the sea. Yes, Slovenia also has a sea coast. Here are 7 reasons to stay in Debeli rtič in a lovely town Ankaran. Slovenian coast has lots of charm and lovely old cities where you can eat amazing food and drink delicious wine. You simply must try Slovenian prosciutto, it’s just great. And if you want to know more about the Slovenian coast, check out this article that presents all of the Slovenian sea-side towns.

@Author -  Franci Ferjan;
Last but certainly not least suggestion is Bled. Bled is the Slovenian jewel and something that almost every tourist visits on their trip to Slovenia. It definitely offers various activities and beautiful views on every step. Because it’s a tourist city, the prices can also be a bit high, so you can sleep at hostel Bledec and you won’t break your budget. But it’s definitely worth. The hostel lies under the castle and is a great starting point for discovering the area. They also arrange guided tours to the most beautiful areas at Triglav national park or you can rent a bike and see Bled for yourself. The choice is yours.

Visit Slovenia, explore its beauties and be amazed.

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