Thursday, 1 September 2016

From Munich to Ljubljana for 38€

We're sure that you've already heard of Flixbus. They offer cheap bus transportation across Europe and now you can get from Munich, Germany, to Ljubljana and back for only 38€. If that’s not a great price, I don’t know what is.

@Author - Turizem Bohinj;
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and offers many beautiful things. It has a beautiful castle with a great view on the city and a great vibe with all the coffee shops and quirky little stores. It’s a home to thousands of students and that is why it also offers quite some parties that you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re a party animal. But if you’re more quiet and interested in culture, it has a theatre, an opera and many other cultural events that you can attend while visiting. If you’re looking for an accommodation in Ljubljana, look for hostel Tresor in the city centre, that was once a bank vault and was turned into a hostel but still kept its history. Rooms are now named after different currencies.

@Author-B. Jakse, S.Jercic;
Public transportation in Slovenia can be a bit slow but don’t let that put you off visiting other cities. Bled and Bohinj are a must see with the Triglav National Park and beautiful lakes and mountains (I recommend visiting Vintgar gorge). You can stay in hostel Bledec in Bled just under the castle and only a few steps away from the lake Bled. 

@Author -  Franci Ferjan;
The Slovenian coast is charming with the small cities and narrow streets. And the great thing is that it won’t take you forever to travel. You can be on the other side of Slovenia in three to five hours. My favourite city on the coast is definitely Izola, a small and quiet city with lots of charm and chances to take beautiful photos. There you can stay at hostel Alieti and enjoy the quiet environment near the sea. It’s almost therapeutic. If you want some advice on what to see, maybe read Nastja’s travelogue that will unravel Izola’s beauty. After reading that, you’ll know that you have to check it out for yourself. 

@Author -  Franci Ferjan;
But if you’re a party animal, maybe choose Portorož where all the touristic buzz happens. Don’t forget to have a scoop of ice cream at Cacao where you’ll be amazed at their offer. If you still need an hour or two of sleep, choose Youth Hostel Portorož and get your energy for the next night. Excited?

@Author-Ubald Trnkoczy;
If you’re still not sure on what to visit, check out the article Slovenia and its Beauty. Now I know you’re convinced. The bus is cheap, hostels also won’t break your wallet and Slovenian beauties are waiting. Take a chance and visit Slovenia.

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