Friday, 9 September 2016

From Prague to Treviso for 21 €

Have you ever visited this part of Europe? No? Now you have a great opportunity to do so. Wizzair is offering plane tickets to Treviso in Venice and back for only 21 € in December. That must be the cheapest price you’ve ever seen. I’m sure that you would want to explore Venice first, but after that, I’d suggest you to visit beautiful Slovenia. We know we’re small, but we offer so much. If you’ve been reading this blog, you must know something about our beauties, but if you don’t, then read further and maybe scroll around our blog and we’re sure we’re going to convince you.

@Author - Arhiv ZTKMŠ Brda;
Slovenia is also the only country, which lies completely in Alpe-Adria region. Never heard of it? Go to Alpe-Adria website and choose activities by your liking. December in Slovenia will bring you lots of activities. You can check out Christmas lights in every big city, Ljubljana, Maribor or Koper and be amazed by the charm. Don’t forget to buy a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate. Take a look of what you can do in Ljubljana in December. If you don’t know where to stay, then hostel Ljubljana won’t disappoint you with their price and quality.

@Author - Mankica;
Do you want more winter activities? If you’re a keen skier, then have no fear. Slovenia offers great places to ski, snowboard and whatever else you do on snow. Kranjska Gora is a ski centre under the Julian Alps. Close is Nordic Centre Planica, the home of ski jumping with a ski jumping hill that was the longest in the world for a long time. You can visit Planica Museum or try Planica Zipline. On the outskirts of the Triglav National Park is Hostel Barovc that will kindly welcome every visitor and is a great starting point for every adrenalin enthusiast.

@Author - Matevž Lenarčič;
If you want more choice for skiing places, maybe choose Maribor and its Pohorje. Maribor itself is amazing and worth visiting but if you include skiing on Pohorje, the trip will be great. If you want to get to know Maribor a little better, read the article Let’s visit Maribor where you’ll get to know everything you need for a start. Maribor is a great starting point for skiing. Pohorje offers great ski slopes and there are lots of other things to do. It is a university city, so there will be great parties, great people and great wine always on your hand. If you want to be in the centre of the city, find an accommodation at Youth Hostel UNI. And if you want something more quiet and calm, try a hostel near Maribor, in a town Ruše that offers a lot of other activities and even fitness and table tennis for days when it’s raining and you can’t really do anything else. Youth Hostel Ruše will be happy to see you.

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