Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Harvest the oldest vine tree in the world for 19,00 Euros

Was your everlasting childhood dream to harvest the wine grapes from the oldest vine tree in the world and not spend a lot of money doing just that? No? Well, no surprise, if you are not one of the leading wine producers in the world. Then you probably already have your private plane on standby to take you to this amazing Slovenian event. But if the budget is a word you use regularly in your everyday language, than this is just the article for you. 

@Old wine festival in Maribor;
Because getting around with just a handful of money is not a fairy-tale any more. Not even if you own a pumpkin that turns into a carriage. There are a lot of cheap ways and means of transportation that will get you to such an exotic country as Slovenia. And this Alpe-Adria jewel is definitely inviting you to participate in an unique autumn experience. 

While every wine growing region in the world offers this and that to do and to experience in this wine'o'full time of the year, Štajerska, a very wine growing region in Slovenia, has a one of a kind event to offer. In the second largest city in Slovenia, in Maribor, grows the oldest vine tree specimen in the world. It is over 400 years old and still produces enough grapes to organize a big, meaningful event. With its own museum in the Old Vine House and countless biking and hiking paths through the wine regions surrounding the city of Maribor, there is plenty to do in autumn. Among the other exciting things in Maribor, of course. So why not decide and say to yourself: ''Let’s visit Maribor!''

@ Author - Nea Culpa;
And just how can you do that? If plane is getting a very every day experience for you, why not try and travel by bus? With extremely cheap bus ticket for only 19, 00 Euros, you can hop on a Flixbus in Vienna just after lunch and be in Maribor in the late afternoon. And that is when the fun begins. The Old Vine Festival between 2nd October and 11th November 2016 will certainly satisfy the autumn traveller in you, but Maribor is nice in every season.

@ Author - Matej Vranič;
And the best of all, you can use your knowledge of the ''budget'' word and spend your nights in one of the Hostelling International hostels such as hostel UNI, Pekarna and Ruše. Enough said, written and read. Now there is nothing left for you than to book a bus ticket and hop on your very own adventure to Alpe-Adria’s beautiful Slovenia!

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