Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Keeping warm on Slovenian coast for less than 30 £

Just like birds, people tend to plan spending the coldest time of the year somewhere warm and cosy. Even if that means going to the sauna.  But some not only think about it but also plan a least a quick trip in the winter time.

Slovenia is not one those places you would choose to warm up. As a matter of fact, for some visitors it can be even colder than their mother land. But it definitely is pretty and welcoming and most important of it all, it has a coast. So why not plan a nice long trip to the Slovenian coast, where you can fill your lungs with fresh sea air, rest your eyes at the endless blue water and discover tiny picturesque allies, where you can find yourself just by getting lost. And also hide from the typical bone-cutting bora wind.

@Author - Barbara Kožar;
Ryanair offers flights from London Stansted to Trieste and in December, for example from 2nd until the 12th of December, you can book a return trip for nothing more than a 30 £. Sure Trieste is not in Slovenia but actually in Italy, but a 47 minute ride to Koper, Slovenia’s biggest coastal town, is definitely worth it. And with that you can also check two countries off your travelling bucket list.
So, what to see and what to do on the Slovenian coast, besides endless romantic, even solo romantic strolls down the beach, some brave winter time skinny dipping and warming up with the mulled wine at the pre-Christmas markets? 

@Author - Matej Vranič;
Well, first of all, you can visit previously mentioned Koper, where you can discover the old town and be amazed by the fact, that this city that is nowadays known for its international port was once actually an island. Using the very functional public transportation you can than discover the nearby small towns such as Ankaran or Strunjan, or get seduced by even bigger coastal cities, Portorož and Piran. Whereas Piran will charm you with its unique architecture and appearance, Portorož as a vibrant, some may call party destination, will offer you a numerous  highly ranked hotels and casinos where you can spend your time or just walk by and look the other way, a the restless waves, fighting the bora wind. 

@Author - Barbara Kožar;
Either way, if the five star hotels are just not your thing, you can check-in in one of the coastal Hostelling International hostels. You will find one in almost every city mentioned. In Koper you can book a stay in hostel Histria, in Piran the roof over your head offer you youth hostels Piran and Pirano and in Portorož you can find a place to rest and to meet new people in youth hostel Portorož


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