Tuesday, 8 November 2016

From Zagreb to Ljubljana and back from 18 Euro

Hello, our neighbours and travellers to Zagreb, Croatia. Have you ever been to Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city? It's magical, especially in the winter time. Would you like a cheap suggestion for a getaway? If you're on a travelling site, I'm sure you're looking for that. BusBud, bus travel website, offers you a trip to Ljubljana for only 18 Euro. And that is not everything. If you have a Hostelling International member card, you get 15% discount. You can sign up for that right here. Amazing, right?

@Author - Dunja Wedam; www.slovenia.info
Now let me tell you about Ljubljana. I could just paste the link to an amazing article of our new volunteer Anne-Sophie Fanchini Lovely Ljubljana, tell me your secrets. I know that you’ll want to visit our beautiful city, if you read it. She was charmed by the flying shoes and second hand stores at Trubarjeva cesta, she was regenerating herself in the Botanic Garden of the University, and got some fresh air in Tivoli Park. My suggestion would be for you to take a walk to the Ljubljana Castle, see the Triple Bridge and Prešeren Square. If you like to shop, there’s plenty of opportunity in the city centre. Just walk the romantic streets, have some mulled wine if it’s cold and enjoy yourself.

If you want to spend a night or two in Ljubljana, the city has some great hostels. Hostel Tresor is in the city centre and really has something special. It is a former bank vault and even though there are beds in the vaults now, it kept a certain charm that you have to see for yourself.

@Author - M. Tancic; www.slovenia.info
Or if you want to stay in a typical building of Ljubljana, stay at Vila Veselova, which is also in the city centre, close to park Tivoli and Ljubljana National Museum. Here, you’ll get free tea, breakfast and big rooms. Hostel Vila Veselova also offers you a beautiful garden area.

If you’re flying to Zagreb and have a day or two (or a week) for adventures in another country, Slovenia is definitely a place to be. The bus is cheap, the ride is about two hours long and you will definitely get a sight into Slovenian culture if you visit Ljubljana. 

See for yourself.

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