Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Festive Ljubljana

Oh December, the time of the year when even the cold has a special meaning! When the extra lights brighten the secret pass ways, when carols warm every corner of the street and your heart and when it is perfectly acceptable to drink wine from a cup in the middle of a street, as long as it is mulled. Just the perfect month!

@Author - B. Bajzelj; www.slovenia.info
It is also a month that a lot of people use to visit especially European capitals. So why not start your own, a bit mainstream tradition of Christmas capital pilgrimage and maybe, just maybe begin by visiting Ljubljana, a charming little capital of Slovenia, that was most probably the reason for the creation of the word cute. In that case your little helper can be Wizzair, that on the last day of 2016 offers a flight from London Luton to Ljubljana for just 22,76 Euros. What a perfect Christmas gift! 

@Author - D.Wedam; www.slovenia.info
That way you can treat yourself by adding a new world capital on your travelling bucket list and even celebrate the beginning of a new year in a somehow exotic country such as Slovenia. There are plenty of things to see and to do in Ljubljana in that festive time of the year. The old town welcomes you with a Christmas market, full of unique mementos from your soon-to-be Slovenian adventure, you can take a perfect Christmas selfie in front of a thatched, life-sized nativity scene, dance your heart out at some live concert in the middle of the city and celebrate new beginnings by saying goodbye to 2016 with fireworks and traditional Slovenian New Year's Eve party

@Author - D. Wedam; www.slovenia.info
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Cheers to the new beginnings and discovering the magic of capitals in December!