Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Visit Slovenia in 2017

Did you already make a bucket list for 2017? Which places you want to visit, which cultures you want to meet… We’re here to make some suggestions for you. Slovenia is an amazing country and it would be a pity if you wouldn’t take the time to explore it.

@Author - Jošt Gantar;
A road trip around Slovenia is always a good idea. You get to feel the culture, the nature, the culinary treats and so much more. Let’s start with Ajdovščina, which lies in Vipava valley. Maybe now it’s not the time for cycling, but hiking is “in” every time of the year. Do you know what’s also popular every time of the year? Wine. And Vipava hills have a lot of sunny days, which grow fantastic wine. Maybe you should try it in one of the wine cellars. And after you tire from hiking and drinking delicious wine, stay in The Youth Centre and Hostel Ajdovščina, which is located just a short walk outside the city centre. Hostel Ajdovščina is also environmentally friendly and has fifty beds, so if you want to come in a group, don’t be shy!

Next on the list to visit is our beautiful capital city, Ljubljana. Our volunteer Nastja wandered around Ljubljana recently and wrote an amazing article about our beautiful city, so check it out. And if you want to hear it from a foreigner that you should visit it, we also have a proof. After so much reading, I’m sure our travelogue writers convinced you to visit it. A great place for an accommodation is Hostel Tresor, which is really something special. It was once a bank vault and it was turned into a hostel, but kept some history. Definitely interesting. 

@Author - Dunja Wedam;
Bohinj is a perfect place to visit in the winter time. If you like to ski, there are many ski slopes to choose from and soon, you’ll be swooshing down the hill. Near hostel Koča Suha is the ski resort Vogel. What is more, the hostel even offers free ski shuttle to the ski centre. Great choice for those who want to spend less and do more. If you’re not convinced yet, read this article and welcome to Bohinj.

One of the charming towns in Slovenia is Idrija, the oldest Slovenian mining town, which is also on Unesco’s world heritage list. Here you also need to try local specialty idrijski žlikrofi, which is a dish from heaven. For a budget stay, choose hostel Idrija, 5 minutes from the city centre, which is a really cheap accommodation, you can get a room from 11 euros per person. Staff is super helpful and will happily suggest some activities for you. 

@Author - Dunja Wedam;
Kamnik is another charming city in the middle of mountains and hills. It is located by rivers Kamniška Bistrica and Nevljica and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, which offer great views every time you visit Kamnik. I’d strongly suggest you take a visit to Velika planina, which is just magical and will nourish your soul. Read more about adventures in Kamnik here. Don’t know where to stay? Hostel Pod skalo is a great choice. It is small and charming and in the building next to it, there’s a bar, which is never a bad thing. The hostel offers free wi-fi, a lounge and even transfers to the airport and other tourist destinations in Kamnik. 

@Author - Dunja Wedam;
Last but not least suggestion is Velenje. Velenje has grown on coal mining. Here you have an opportunity to check out Slovenian mining museum or the three city lakes. In the winter, you can even go ice skating in the park. Nearby, there’s also a ski resort for skiing enthusiasts or Topolšica spa for those, who like to be warm and relaxed. The choice is yours. If you’d like to stay in Velenje for a couple of days, there’s a new hostel in Velenje, which will warmly welcome you and offer you a lot for your money. Hostel Velenje provides seminar rooms for up to 100 people, new technical equipment, a common kitchen and many daily activities

Visit our beautiful Slovenia!

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