Friday, 6 January 2017

Visit Slovenian ski slopes!

It is getting cold in Slovenia and the ski slopes are full of keen skiers and boarders. Are you tempted? I’m sure you are. Slovenia is a beautiful country and if you’re coming from a warmer country, you’ll be impressed by Slovenian winter wonderland. If you keep reading, you’ll even find out how you can get here from Malta for around 50 Euros.

@Author - Aleš Fevžer;
Yes, you read correctly, you can fly from Malta to Venice and back for around 50 Euros in February and visit the ski slopes, go hiking in snow or just enjoy the winter weather. You can get this amazing offer at Ryanair, fly to Venice Treviso and then, maybe hire a GoOpti or rent a car and see how it’s like driving on the other side of the road (carefully, of course).

Since I was talking so much about skiing, let me introduce you the ski slopes and of course, the amazing hostels where you can stay. First is Hostel Bovec with Kanin Ski Resort. Here you can ski 2000 metres above the sea level, which makes it the highest Slovenian ski resort. If you want to read more about winter time in Bovec, read this article and find out more about attractions in Bovec.

@Author - Jošt Gantar;
Skiing in Kranjska Gora is a must in Slovenia. You can choose among 18 ski slopes of different technical difficulty. Ski lifts and ski runs are stretching all the way from Kranjska Gora to Planica (where the famous ski jumping tournament takes place). If you’re not a great skier yet, you can even go to a ski schools or hire a ski instructor. Amazing, isn’t it? And if you want to afford a little more with less money, stay at Youth Hostel Barovc, which will entertain you on a bad weather day or when you just want to rest and relax.

@Author - Matej Vranič;
If you’re not really up for big ski resorts, try ski resort Golte and stay in Ljubno ob Savinji. The ski resort has 12 kilometres of ski slopes with a unique terrain and even a private bunny slope for children. Visitors can even try cross-country and backcountry skiing. Hostel Ljubno ob Savinji is perfect for your accommodation, as it has rooms with private bathroom, dormitory rooms and there’s an inn nearby with local Slovenian cuisine. For some other activities, read an article about Ljubno ob Savinji and find out more about it.

@Author - Jošt Gantar;
Now that you know all about skiing opportunities in Slovenia, make sure to book a ticket, book a hostel and you’re all set for a great winter holiday. Slovenians are waiting and will make sure you’ll have time of your life


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