Tuesday, 4 April 2017

In the heart of Slovenia for only € 35

Sometimes the only way to reach your destination is to combine some means of transportation. So in this case, a plane–bus duo is the prefect option for you to reach the capitol of the most sustainable country in the world, Ljubljana. And from there, the whole country is reachable within a day, no matter in which direction you travel.

@Author - D. Wedam; www.slovenia.info
So let's say you start your journey in Dussedorf, Germany, where from Dusseldorf Weeze airport Ryanair kindly takes you to Milan Bergamo, Italy for only € 9.99. You may ask yourself, where does Slovenia fit in into this scenario? And this is the queue for Flixbus to sweep you off your feet with a generous offer and takes you to Ljubljana for only € 25.00. Amazing! Both fares also fit the timeline perfectly, so you start your trip at breakfast from Dusseldorf and you already have an early dinner in Ljubljana. So be sure to check out some authentic restaurants, where you can really taste Slovenia.

@Author - D. Wedam; www.slovenia.info
 And then what? You can spend your whole Slovenian visit just in Ljubljana. But it would be a shame, if you have the whole country waiting for you. So maybe, just maybe, treat yourself with a trip to another dimension, to Kamnik, where Slovenian fairy-tale is told through nature. With its Youth Hostel Pod Skalo, Kamnik can be a perfect starting point to the one of the most magical places in Slovenia, to Velika Planina, where the time stops. 

@Author - D. Wedam; www.slovenia.info
Countless cows wandering around typical cottages transport your soul into a world without a single worry. Another heaven like destination near Kamnik is also Jezersko, where the breath-taking nature enchants you with numerous activities. Interested? Than hesitate no more, and book your escape soon, because the weather is starting to be just perfect!   

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