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Small enchanted town full of stories, good people, and fine wines. Maribor’s history began on the top of the hill overlooking the magnificent river Drava that was for centuries the river of rafters. Also, Maribor is a small town that is known worldwide because of the oldest growing vine in the world. But that is not all Maribor is known for: the city also hosts FIS world cup for women – Golden Fox, summer festival Lent, and finally we cannot forget the rich history of Maribor and all the great people, who will give your travelling a very special meaning.
Maribor is just perfect for people looking for quiet place, where you can combine sightseeing and outdoor living. We invite you to take a stroll among the paved city streets full of history or spend the day in the nature on beautiful green Pohorje, in forest where you will relax and recharge your batteries.
Only in hostel Pekarna there is definitely a smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. Today, Pekarna (Bakery) is no longer the bakery, but is a home of wonderful people who are making the complex unique. Pekarna is a home of alternative culture, youth projects, and people with hearth, ideas, and creativity that will blow you away. Pekarna is the place of fun and is the place where you can go for a drink and end up staying until breakfast − in hostel Pekarna of course. Pekarna has a lot to give and is the place where you can express yourself without being judged. In the complex, you can find hostel, second hand bookstore – Bukvarna, MC Indijanez – a home of music, Gustaf, where you can dance all night long and of course the building, where young people are heard and can create their life. 

@Author - Rene Strgar

What is HOP?
You know something that you always want to have with you, but is not always possible. Something that makes you relax, where you can be you. The place where you are happy and the place that gives you energy for a new day. Of course that is your home. 

@Author - Zdenka Borak
We know how important home is and that is why we decided that we will give life to walls and turn rooms into a home away from home. We also know that home is not just home, but it is a feeling and that is why we gave to our hostel content and that content is cosiness of a home. 

@Author - Dejan Bulut
In the last year, the hostel changed a lot. We think that it changed for the better, but that is for you to decide. The feeling of home will already welcome you in our yard, where you will find our pride and joy - floral and vegetable garden. We had a vision and a wish to be self-sustainable, so we came up with the idea of International garden, where we exchanged seeds with or guests. The seeds mean a lot to us, because they are the source of new life and the source of new and connected beginnings. And the most important thing − home grown vegetable creates relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

@Author - Zdenka Borak
A walk around the hostel will take you between items that were given a new home by us. In the spirit of Pekarna, we decided that we will give new life and meaning to old furniture. Their new purpose is to give our guest wonderful memories, which they will take from the temporary to the real home. 

@Author - Zdenka Borak
Of course home is not home without fun and games. That is why we created fun size games that will keep you busy and where can you meet other people and just have the time of your day. For those adventure-kind of people, we created a treasure hunt that is full of enigmas, which are going to take you to the real treasure. 

Hop is definitely home of people and home away from home. 

Youth Hostel Pekarna
Ob železnici 16
2000 Maribor
+386 (0)5 918 08 80

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