Thursday, 4 May 2017

The largest wine festival in Slovenia Vinska vigred (wine springtime) in Bela krajina METLIKA, 19. – 21. May 2017

In may, when the spring is already exchanging glances with the summer, the old city center becomes alive

The three-day wine festival attracts domestic and foreign lovers of top Bela Krajina wines, again and again. During more than three decades, the holiday of awarded wines, delicacies of Bela krajina, and promotions of ethnological specialties and cultural achievements, has gained a strong position among Slovenian tourist events.

@Avtor - Uroš Raztresen
Beauty of Bela krajina cannot be measured even by the richest imagination. There are people that consider strange the words, such as: hatred, unkindness, arrogance, haughtiness, and perhaps also inhospitality. What carnations mean for people of Gorenjska, the vine means for people of Bela krajina. And the wine means the sun in a glass. In Bela krajina, sorrow, bad mood, and similar things that have nothing in common with singing and shouting of joy, simply evaporate. In terms of grammar, Bela krajina is of a feminine gender; therefore, it is no wonder that it is gentle, warm, beautiful, sympathetic, charming, seductive, independent, blossoming, and possibly also attractive, mysterious, and naively innocent.

@Avtor - Uroš Raztresen
Wine spring can only be in its bosom, which due to a good wine turns the poor to richer, unhappy to happy, disputed to friends, and stupid to smart.

@Avtor - Uroš Raztresen
Stay here at least until you absorb everything you have already forgotten that it existed. Bela krajina will amply return a bit of its love.

Toni Gašperič

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