Thursday, 15 February 2018

Beer from the world's first beer fountain

Refresh yourself with a drink made of hops (green gold)!

Since 2009 the Lower Savinjska Valley has become richer with the opening of the Eco-musem of hop-growing and brewing industry. Follow the steps of the ascent of hop growing and successful breweries of the famous brewer Simon Kukec in Žalec. Hops is a green climbing plant. In the summer its cones become golden and first-class beer is produced out of them. They will also serve you with a homemade hop drink and you can enjoy the lunch of hop pickers.

Slovenia is one of the world's largest producers of hops, as it produces 2-3% of the world's total produce. Around 5-10% of the produced hops is consumed by domestic brewers, while the rest is exported to the west. In the plantations we mainly find Slovenian species, grown at the Institute for hop-growing and brewing in Žalec. 

Hops is mostly connected with the production of beer. Beer is a naturally fermented beverage made out of cereals, hops and water, made by welding and alcoholic fermentation with the addition of beer yeast. Hops tips can also be used in pies, omelettes, pastry, salads or even put in bread.

The main purpose of the Institute of hop-growing and brewing in Slovenia is research and development in the field of hop production. The Institute has a collection of over two hundred different types of plants planted in the garden and the institute also has a gene bank of seeds, where there are more than three hundred different species. It also expanded its activities to fruit growing, viticulture, vegetables and crop production.

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In Žalec city park, you can enjoy in a glass (or more) of beer from the first beer fountain in the world, which is a gift to the Slovenian hop plant heritage. Cheers to that!

Horses, adrenaline and beer. An interesting combination, isn't it? I suggest that you save the hop drink for the end so that you are sober while enjoying the horses and water sports.

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