Monday, 5 February 2018

You Only Live Once – A Trip Full of Adrenalin

Fear is hollow inside and empty outside!

Awake your senses and body on Soča river with TOP extreme rafting center Bovec, which is also the only organizer of bungee jumping in Slovenia! Experience the adrenaline in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with guides who know Soča river as their own pocket. On their website you can also find the section Why Choose Top: 10x BECAUSE to make your decision easier! Here are some of the key reasons: 

  1. Sport activities on the Soča river have been carried out since 1993. 
  2.  They are the only ones who have changing rooms at the beginning and at the of the destination of your trip. 
  3.  They are the only providers of bungee jumping in Slovenia. 
  4.  In almost 25 years 50,000 of adventure enthusiasts have visited them and they still like to come. 

The Soča river is truly one of the most beautiful European rivers. You can try rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed, bungee jumping, kayaking, zip line, tandem paragliding and sledding from Mangart.

I would like to point out bungee jumping, which is the also the best for those who believe that they have already went through everything in their lives. Jumps are made between May and September once in a weekend. Your body will shiver at least a little which is understandable when jumping in your dreams. Those are always on the other side of your comfort zone. Take a leap from the 55m high Solkan bridge which magnificently and proudly rests above the green-blue Soca. Believe me, the time simply stops and your job is just to let go and enjoy! After doing it you have a huge smile on your face and you are proud of yourself as much as you can be. The liberating feeling is definitely guaranteed.

Of course I shouldn't forget that the HI card holders have a 15% discount on rafting and canyoning and a 10% discount on kayaking, hydrospeed, caving, climbing and of course on bungee jumping.

To fill up your batteries after exciting adventures in the Soča valley go to the hostel Bovec with free wi-fi and much more. You will find it in a more than a century old but now completely renovated house built in a traditional provincial style. Hostel is only 5 minutes away by foot from the main square or from the bus station. And one reminder, in the Bovec hostel with the HI membership card you get a 10% discount on the overnight accommodation!

After doing all these adrenaline sports you will no longer be the same. You will get the urge to do even more things that you are afraid of because fear doesn't really exist. But you already know that.

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