Friday, 30 March 2018

How do mercury and lace go together?

You can find both of them in the same city which proves that sLOVEnia is a little nuts!

Visit the Idrija Municipal Museum to culturally feed your mind. The legacy of the mercury mine there was put on the UNESCO list of world heritage in 2012. We're talking about the second oldest and the biggest mercury mine in the world. The Gewerkenegg castle houses the Museum’s main permanent exhibition which is Five centuries of the Mercury Mine and the Town of Idrija. 20 years ago, the museum received an award from the Luigi Micheletti Foundation as the best European museum of technical and industrial heritage for its work and this exhibition

@Author - Dunja Wedam
In the castle you’ll also find the permanent exhibition entitled Idrija Lace, A History Written In Thread which is meant literally. This is the history of the lacemakers, women, who were contributing to their family budgets with their skilful fingers. Today the lace is in the spotlight on runways as an important part of famous fashion designers’ creations. Among other things in the museum, you can do the shortest 5-minute lacemaking course, presented in a video. In 2008 the Museum got the Valvasor award for this exhibition which is the highest Slovene award for achievements in museology. Among other collections, let us also mention the homestead of the writer France Bevk, Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop and the Franja Partisan Hospital. While you're there, try the local speciality, called žlikrofi

@Author - Dunja Wedam
Members of the Hostelling International Slovenia are again treated better because they get a 40% discount when purchasing a ticket to the permanent exhibitions. How cool is that! To best anchor the freshly gained museum knowledge in your heads and to unwind, I recommend staying in the Idrija hostel. It lies atop a hill above the city where a bed awaits you for only 9€/night. The closest cafes to seize the day are only 5 minutes away by foot. They offer you free bed linen, a towel, as well as free internet and parking. If booked in advance, an all-inclusive package is a great deal. If you decide to be their guest, remember that with the HI Slovenia membership card you get 10% off.

@Author - Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo
Here the heavy and dangerous work in the mine is splendidly intertwined with the extraordinary work done with the female fingers where the breathtaking creations are produced. They are also suitable for high fashion. You can no longer try the first one because the mine is closed. Still you have the opportunity to try the second one to appreciate more the manual work of our women and perhaps get a new hobby.

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