Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Natural wonder

Relaxing all senses
Savica waterfall or should I say, the source of the Sava Bohinjka in Bohinj valley, originates in the steep wall of Komarča area. It's the most famous and visited Slovene waterfall. It's special also because the water flow is divided into two parts. The A-shaped waterfall has 2 parts. The right one is 25 metres high and the left one is 78 metres high. The highest comes to the surface at an altitude of 836 metres. The water flows from the Valley of the Triglav Lakes and from Pršivec. The waterfall never runs out of water and the most beautiful scenery of it is after heavy rains and when the snow melts. It's not possible to access the waterfall in the winter but in the spring, hikers open the path to it with a traditional hike. You can see a beautiful rainbow above the waterfall in the summer at dawn when the sun's rays touch the falling water.

Slovenian poet France Prešeren also talked about Savica waterfall in his poem Krst pri Savici, as well as Janez Vajkard Valvasor.

There are also excellent hiking trails nearby. The starting point is the Koča pri Savici, which is the starting point for Komna and the Triglav Lakes Valley. From here, we can walk to the Dom na Komni for about three hours. At another one we cross the bridge over Savica and follow the signs for Komarča. First we reach lake Črno jezero and then continue to the hut at the lake Dvojno jezero. It takes us four to five hours to walk there.

A small fee is to be paid to see the natural marble. There are many ways how to get to the Savica waterfall. Read how here. When reaching it, it takes you another 20 minute walk on stone steps.

After a pleasant and tiring day make a turn to the hostel pod Voglom in Bohinj which is located just by the Bohinj Lake. Let me emphasize that this is the biggest hostel in Slovenia with 119 beds. There is also the Pac sports outdoor agency that offers sports activities. In the summer refresh yourself in the cold lake or explore the surroundings with a bike or a boat. In winter go skiing, snowboarding, skating, hiking, snowshoe walking or try rafting, this time in the snowy version. You can use a free ski bus to the Vogel ski center which is 2 kilometres from the hostel. There are even more ski resorts nearby so there is no shortage of choices. One important reminder here – in the hostel pod Voglom with the HI membership card you get a 10% discount on the overnight stay!

I advise you to take a minimum of a week's break and see the waterfall, choose a sport activity at Bohinj Lake and live with the nature in our beautiful mountains where hospitable hosts will serve you real Slovenian food at our mountain huts. After that you will definitely visit Slovenia again.

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