Thursday, 26 April 2018

Visit the Museum of Illusions

Our senses can cheat on us

Sometimes when things go wrong we think, well, at least we have brain and eyes, they cannot let us down and we can trust them. But we can also put our own senses on the test. In the Museum of Illusions our confidence in the infallibility of the brain can quickly be dispelled. Again, we can ask ourselves the old question: Is everything in our life just an illusion?

There is nothing as it seems in the Museum of Illusions. In fact, this is not even a real museum. It's not a boring museum where you can only see exhibitions of old things or paintings. Museum is different especially in the fact that it is open every day from nine in the morning to ten in the evening, when other museums are already closed. There is no tour guide there since each visitor is guided by himself. Each exhibited object, whether it is an image, an installation or a room, has an explanation in Slovene, English, German and Italian. Instructions are the guide of what to do with the object and it is a must to follow for the perfect experience. Then it is explained exactly how the relationship between your mind and your eyes works in an object and why the brain does not always understand what the eyes are telling it. This is a great way of entertainment and of learning to understand our vision, perception and brain. The museum gives us the opportunity to discover complex science in a simpler way. All illusions are the result of some scientific research. In the museum we can take a photo, in fact, there are many highlighted photo points from which you can make unusual photos of your co-visitors in all possible poses. And a great photo that cannot be taken anywhere else can be also taken here. Perhaps you've always wanted a photo of your head on a tray on a setting table. Or photos on which you are jumping or sitting on the ceiling. But you can also take a picture with a special camera that works like a kaleidoscope.

There are dozens of paintings in the museum which seem perfectly normal, but of course, when you look closely, they are not. They put your eyes and brain on a test. You can study for hours and think which line is longer than the other. We also find special 3D holographs that change right before us and even Einstein’s heads are waiting for us. There are also some kind of rooms that literally rotate your gaze and give you the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. You can go to an endless disco or to a room where gravity does not work where the ball rolls upwards and even you can get dizzy for a moment. 

With their special features these rooms create an illusion. One of the main stars of the museum is certainly the VORTEX tunnel in which you feel like the whole world revolves around you and you lose balance while trying to not fall down every time you make a step. You can also play with basic colours and observe their inflow. The Ames Room, however, allows us to follow people’s size changing only by walking around the room. The specialty of the museum is that each of the illusionist rooms has its own hashtag with the name of the room which gives them even greater interaction. In the end you are invited to play in a smart playroom which is also very suitable for the youngest as it encourages you to exercise your brain cells through playing with special wooden toys and other games. This way you can further test your brain cells and give them new challenges. Some games can also be bought at the store. There are so many things in the museum that your head can start spinning. All this can come from all optical scams and sloping rooms or simply from all the experiences in the museum. The Museum of Illusions is the largest museum of its kind in this part of Europe.

The museum is such a great, fun and educational relaxation from everyday life. It surprises us and makes us think. Perhaps we can be overwhelmed by how easy it is to influence our brain. It is also suitable for connecting and meeting new people since it is important to cooperate and interact with each other for the perfect experience. And of course we can interact through photo shooting. The museum is located in the centre of Ljubljana, on the Congress Square, near the University of Ljubljana and has two floors. It is in the immediate vicinity of other sights which also means shelter in the rain or on too hot days. The museum was opened in the autumn of 2016 but thanks to all its characteristics, it quickly gained popularity and is certainly worth a visit. It is perfect for every generation and it is also suitable for group tours.

And now the great news: holders of HI cards have a 5% discount on the price of an adult ticket, which costs 9.5 euros. Did you know that the face you see in the mirror is not the same as that seen by other people when they look at you?

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