Monday, 21 May 2018

Among the alpine peaks

Floating in the air

Have you ever glided freely through the air looking at the beautiful mountains around you? Have you ever seen the world as birds do? In Bovec you'll find many adrenalin junkies and this excitement gives them the feeling that they're alive. That way they feel the world around them more genuinely. Fly now in tandem with the outdoor agency Avantura. Their take-offs are from Mangart, Stol, Kuk and Kanin. They have already presented nature from the air to many satisfied customers who still come back to fly with them. HI cards holders have a 10% discount on a tandem paragliding flight.

For relaxation after the experience in the air treat yourself to a hand massage for which you should ask in advance. You can also enjoy in a jacuzzi and in Finnish sauna. They also connect you to restaurants in Bovec so that everyone can find something for themselves. Don't worry, they take care of all your senses!

To fill up your batteries after an exciting and intense sports adventure go to the hostel Bovec with free wi-fi. You'll find it in more than a century old but now completely renovated house in a traditional provincial style. So that your legs won't get tired too much, it'll take you to the hostel only 5 minutes from the main square or from the bus station. And one reminder, in the Bovec hostel with the HI membership card you get a 10% discount on the overnight accommodation!

Who hasn't looked yet in the sky and wished being like a bird completely carefree and weightless? At least for that time in the air, you'll put your problems off your chest and feel only that moment. All in all, this moment is the only one we have and which really counts. The past has passed and the future hasn't come yet.

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