Thursday, 26 July 2018

The Križna Cave (Križna jama)

Slovenia’s green Karst is full of caves, only a few of which are open to public. Although Postojna Cave and UNESCO protected Škocjan Caves are by far the most well-known and visited tourist caves in Slovenia, we would recommend the naturally-preserved 8.273 metre-long Križna cave for a more authentic and less Disney-esque experience. The name, which translates as ‘Cross Cave’, comes from St. Cross Church (cerkev Sv. Križa) nearby. It is the seventh longest cave system in Slovenia and offers a totally unique experience. The 22 emerald lakes are connected by an underground crystal-clear stream. Within the side passages ancient bones of cave bears can be seen, and by the number of specialised cave dwellers, the Križna Cave ranks among the richest caves in the world. The cave is so captivating that you can entirely forget about the outside world. The temperature inside the cave is a constant 8 degrees year-round, so be sure to wear your woolly socks and coats!

Foto Peter Gedei
The short tour lasts around 1 hour, and it involves a 600-metre walk, followed by a short dinghy ride on the first lake. The lake splits here and those, taking the short tour can return on foot on the same path. Walking along the paths, used by cave bears for thousands of years, and paddling along the lakes in karst underground is an experience you will never forget.

Underground lakes that are up to 7 metres deep were formed behind sinter barriers, that emerged because of the build-up of calcareous sinter.

Foto Csaba Egri
The entrance to the Križna cave is somewhere in the middle between the Bloke plateau, the Lož valley and the Cerknica plain. If we take the main passage, called Jezerski rov (Lake Passage), heading from the entrance in the direction of water flow, we get to Kalvarija, where the cave splits in two passages. One is called Blata and the other Pisani rov.

Through these two passages, the water from the Bloke plateau streams from one lake to another, continues its way to the Nova Križna cave and surfaces at the Šterbrščica stream.

Foto Csaba Egri
You can visit at any weather and season, rain or sunshine! So, don’t miss out on an opportunity to see this amazing and mysterious Karst underworld.   

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