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Hostelling International Slovenia

Hostelling International Slovenia is the only national representative of Slovenia in the international federation Hostelling International (HI). HI is a non-governmental and not for profit organization represented in about 90 countries around the world and was announced to be the 6th largest provider of boarding capabilities in the world. With 4 million members it’s among the biggest youth organizations in the world and the only worldwide network of boards with about 4.000 buildings where you can spend the night and 1,5 million beds and almost 40 million sleepovers annually. 

Since the establishment in 1932 the HI is trying to encourage the youth to a better intercultural understanding through informal education in the fields of peace, global friendship and environment protection. The international organization with strong support of its national organizations (NO) enables the youth of different nationalities and cultures and from various social environments, to meet in an informal environment, exchange experience, getting to know themselves, each other and their surroundings. Therefore there are many international projects taking place within the organizations, offering especially to those more vounerable, the opportunity to gain experience. This is how NOs help strengthen the initial mission of HI:

»To promote the education of all young people of all nations, but especially young people of limited means, by encouraging in them a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside and an appreciation of the cultural values of towns and cities in all parts of the world, and as ancillary thereto, to provide hostels or other accommodation in which there shall be no distinctions of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, class or political opinions and thereby to develop a better understanding of their fellow men, both at home and abroad.«

HI Slovenia is in charge of spreading this vision in Slovenia. It’s also a non-governmental and not for profit youth organization, with its main mission being the youth mobility and youth travel, with the purpose of encouraging the youth and young at heart to explore their own country and abroad, getting to know other places and cultures and motivate them to share their experience with the general public. This is achieved through the activities we conduct within our organization that features 45 Youth Hostels that meet the HI standards. They cover most of Slovenia and allow us access to the entire Slovenian youth population.

There are currently 50 volunteers within the organization. They are usually between 15 and 29 years old, looking for opportunities to gain new experience and are not employed. We encourage them to start thinking in a different way and gain independency. We stimulate them to better use their opportunities, which are offered through EU calls for projects and we invite them to join youth projects for gaining new knowledge and new competences. We try to present various activities to the youth, which are organized for them by NGOs and help them understand how their activity affects their personal development and their social environment. The main motivation of the voluntary work is the concrete involvement of youth and their opinions into the suggestions for development of the organization, as their support is of vital importance for recognisability of the organization and its mission.

Mostly through the online magazine Globetrotter www.globetrotter.si we publish the articles where volunteers explain their opinions about youth tourism and experience, which you can only gain during travel. Here we mostly present and try to promote traveling as the informal education that offers youth a great access to knowledge in the fields of recognising and understanding other cultures, languages and also trying to better understand yourself. We believe that traveling is a great tool for gaining life experience that offer youth a guaranty for a safe future. Just like HI Slovenia and HI support travel, so do many famous people, who are aware that traveling is a lot more than laying on a beach and sorting photos:

The wise travel to discover themselves.  ~James Russell Lowell~
People around the world look at life through different glasses. ~Radhanath Svami~
The fire of cultural shock lifted the fog of misconception like sunshine. I felt liberated. ~Radhanath Svami~
By traveling I don’t want to run from the previous life, but I want to get to know a different one. Schools can’t give me that, as they can only teach me one-sidedly. ~Radhanath Svami~

The team of volunteers is made up of experienced travellers, who wish to chare their experience and knowledge gained from tourism. It is them who are the support to youth for searching a true path in the chaotic world. This intergenerational diversity allows us to make quality development for which we need both knowledge and experience of the seasoned and the freshness and playfulness of the youth.

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